Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Video From Protest At WMAL Office This Morning

I wasn't able to make it this morning, but a YouTube user named America'sSurvival made it to the rally outside the studios and offices of WMAL-AM in Washington DC.

The rally followed two days of call-ins to WMAL, protesting the station's demands that morning host Fred Grandy "tone down" the discussion of radical Islam and not have his wife, Catherine "Mrs. Fred" Mann-Grandy, appear on any more shows.

Chris Plante, a great host from 9 to 12, was kind enough to visit with the protesters.

Jim Lafferty of the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force was interviewed. He believes Sean Hannity may be the next target of those who want to silence discussion of radical Islam.

I've started listening to WCBM 680 in the car (yes, I'm able to pick it up in the mornings). The morning show of Sean and Frank is great. They also have excellent local hosts such as Tom Marr and Les Kinsolving. Rush, Sean and "The Great One" are also on that station.

Until they're able to get a backbone, perhaps WMAL should change their call letters to WDMI - Dhimmi Radio.

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