Friday, March 11, 2011

SICK! Westboro Inbred Scum Plan Protest At Funeral Of Seven Children Killed In House Fire

This is beyond disgusting (Fox 43, h/t Katy Abram via Facebook)
Showing no discernible limit to their insensitivity, and seemingly eager to puff out their chests in the wake of their recent Supreme Court victory, the Westboro Baptist Church issued a press release stating they plan to protest at the funeral of the seven Clouse children killed in a tragic fire in Perry County this week. The release is full of bluster over their Supreme Court victory and claims the fire was a result of God's wrath for Pennsylvania. After all, isn't that where the man who sued them for protesting his son's funeral and inititiated a landmark free speech case resides? The release is replete with misinformation about the circumstances of the fire, claiming Mr.Clouse was asleep in his truck during the fire.

Perry County District Attorney Charles Chenot has notified the State Police of Westboro's announcement and says there will be a police presence at the funerals. He also says he cannot fathom why the Westboro Baptists would want to protest. "This is a family that's Christian in their beliefs and certainly shouldn't conflict with the beliefs of the Westboro Baptist Church," said Chenot.

Because these people AREN'T Christians. I've often wondered that (since the elder Phelps) was friends with Algore, they're Leftists who pose as a church to make real evangelical Christians look bad. Ask yourself, who funds these cretins?

Get ready Fred Phelps and your inbred family. When it comes time to make your trip to the infernal regions, you'll have one big funeral with a keg party, followed by a line of folks waiting to exercises their First Amendment rights by relieving themselves on your graves!

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Freedom Re-Founders said...

Thank you very much for spreading the word about this. The funeral is scheduled for Tuesday and we in nearby communities are trying to get as many counter protestors as possible there to "walk back" these rotten bastards. Please continue spreading the word. Time is runnig out. A local station has a sign sheet on its facebook and more information at