Monday, March 21, 2011

Sarah Palin Visits Israel & The Liberal's Useful Idiot David Frum Attacks Her

Sarah Palin visited Israel yesterday and today, showing Presidential leadership and American friendship with that nation which is absent from this current Regime in the White House.

But never count on anything Sarah Palin does to go by without bitter sniping at her heels from a snarky RINO elitists like David Frum, who play as useful idiot to the liberal lapdog media (CNN).

It's tough for a Republican politician to lose friends by visiting Israel. Yet Sarah Palin is in danger of doing so.

The former GOP vice presidential candidate arrived in Israel Sunday for a two-day visit. Ben Smith in Politico reports that the trip was booked through a Christian tour operator. But the real news is who did not book the trip: the Republican Jewish Coalition, the group that brought George W. Bush to Israel in 1998, Mitt Romney in 2007, Haley Barbour in 2011, and many other presidential hopefuls beside.

Very likely you have never heard of the Republican Jewish Coalition. But then again, you probably are not seeking the Republican presidential nomination. If you were seeking the nomination, the RJC is one of the groups whose support you would certainly want.
Politico? Frum gets his information from a source with an obvious anti-Palin bias. But Frum isn't done.

Over two months of campaigning in September and October 2008, Palin's poll numbers tumbled among women and independents. Yet even after the November 2008 loss, Palin remained hugely popular among Republicans.

She has spent the past 2½ years throwing that popularity away, piece by piece. Palin has worked hard to convince even the most ardent Republicans that she would be a doomed candidate and a disastrous president.

With the particular plan she chose for her trip to Israel, Palin alienated a few more potential friends -- important ones.

As I mentioned, I'm an RJC board member myself. I've been a Palin critic, but until now most of my colleagues have disagreed with me. Yet, once again, Palin seems to focus her energy on proving her critics right.

Even as a non-fan, I have to say: It all seems so sadly unnecessary.
What polls, the ones commissioned by the lapdog media outlets you serve as useful idiot to, David? Everywhere she went, Palin drew more crowds than John McLame. Her most recent book was one of the top selling in 2010. Her TV show was successful.

Since when is David Frum the gatekeeper for Sarah Palin to get permission to visit Israel? And also, what have you spent the last two years doing, David Frum? Attacking Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sarah Palin, and other conservatives in liberal outlets simply because you can't draw a crowd in a phone booth. If Sarah Palin was really the walking disaster you and other useful RINO idiots claim, you wouldn't be obsessed by her every move.

Every time this woman does something, you go after her. What gives? Do you have a problem with strong, conservative women? Are your attacks on Sarah Palin the result of a guy who is still bitter he got stood up at his high school prom?

It seems to me that the only one who has a grudge is you, NOT Sarah Palin.


Anonymous said...

he's jealous or it's sour grapes she used another booking agency and he did not pocket the travel agency fees, or cannot track who she talks to. Sounds like atpyical control freak who has lost control.

he's doing the ivory tower thing and what he needs to do is the Undercver Boss thing to find what is really going on.

Bill589 said...

The GOP establishment, the Dem establishment, and the bulk of the media are against Sarah Palin. All she has on her side is the truth, and millions of supporters. I wouldn’t bet against her.

Christian tour said...

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