Thursday, March 31, 2011

Obama Regime Gives Covert Support To Libyan Rebels Who Include Jihadists

Now just what in the Hell is going on here?

First, we're told that this "dumb war" (excuse me, "Kintetic Military Operation") in Libya was for "humanitarian reasons" and that there would be no ground troops.

Now comes word that the Obama Regime is giving covert support to these rebels in Libya.

Donald Douglas at American Power has more about that, including how once-Obama worshipping Lefties are coming unglued. Andrew Sullivan is beginning to sound like he's attending NA meetings, because he sees Obama so clearly he can't believe he was so disillusioned.

It appears those rebels are nothing more than jihadists linked to al-Queda.

So, really, what is this about, Mr. Obama: regime change to establishing a Caliphate in North Africa?

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