Monday, March 28, 2011

Marin County = RAAAAACISTS!

That's what the Federal Government is saying at least--ultra liberal Marin County, CA is too white (The Bay Citizen, via The Blaze)
The draft report, released Wednesday, came in response to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s determination that Marin had “failed to comply” with the 1964 Civil Rights Act and two other anti-discrimination statutes. Marin’s Community Development Agency recommended amending zoning regulations to ease the construction of new apartments, passing new laws requiring new developments to offer housing at below-market rates, and stepping up programs to combat discrimination by landlords and realtors. Chuck Hauptman, HUD’s Regional Director for Fair Housing, said officials were reviewing the plan “to see if it is acceptable as far as content goes.”
There's also this video report from CNN.

In the eleven years I lived there, the double standards of Marin's hot-tub liberals was on display for all who cared to see. Being among the more liberal areas in America, Marin is also one of the wealthiest, which shoots arrows in the myth that the wealthy are all Republicans.

But Marin liberals also were quick to attack anyone who supported the War on Terror and Iraq, in addition to securing the US southern border, as "racists." The good Marin libs even attacked sobriety checkpoints in the (mostly Hispanic) Canal Area of San Rafael as "racial profiling." But when you looked at the facts, you had to ask yourself--if the good liberals of Marin County cared about minorities, why did they oppose affordable housing projects like the one planned by Habitat for Humanity? Because it would make the areas where their multi-million dollar homes were look "like a housing project."

In other words, getting rid of the cheap labor who mow and manicure their lawns and clean their toilets is racist, but Marin liberals sure don't want them living in their nice upscale neighborhoods.

Or what about when the owner of Sol Food Puerto Rican restaurant in San Rafael caused a stir when she decided to paint her place of business a bright green color? One big-hearted Marin County lib told the Marin IJ: "I thought I was in Richmond," referring to the mostly-black, high-crime town across the Rafael Bridge from Marin.

I've also posted at this blog many instances of anti-Semitism among the Moron County so-called "anti-war" Left.

It looks like, after so many years of playing the race card against those who oppose their liberalism, Marin's chickens are coming home to rooooooooost, and under an Administration they supported at the ballot box.


Alana Burke said...

This is just too perfect. Marin, where the uber liberal are all about being "Humanitarian" and "Green" and "Pro-Obama" Hmm. A little hangman. What am I thinking? H_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Yeah...the Feds say the same thing about Waukesha County here in Wisconsin. People have a right to live where they can AFFORD to live. Not where they want to live.

Anonymous said...

They obviously left out the Canal neighborhood in San Rafael and before you call me a racist I live there. Unless they counted only citizens this time to prove a point.

yaletownman said...

I am a liberal and I live in Marin. I am proud of it. You are correct that Marin has a lot of double standards going on. They like their diversity from a far. There are a lot of "wannabes" here as well. Wannnabes are those typical American's who believe if they can manage to get an interest only mortgage and whatever else it takes to get into the right zip code they might be someone. They are typically lower class whites who desperately need to groups to look down upon in order to feel good about themselves. They also don't want those who remind them of where they came from. They hate the mirror they hold up to them. Most every affluent area in the U.S. have many who suffer from this spiritual malady. But you are right. Marin suffers from an epidemic of that disease as well.