Friday, March 04, 2011

February Unemployment 8.9% vs. 10.3% -- WTF?

The unemployment numbers for February came out and....they're 8.9 percent.

At least those are the Regime's numbers from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Gallup did a poll and they're estimating unemployment is at 10.3 percent.


Rick Santelli, famous for sparking the Tea Party movement two years ago, says this "good" jobs report has a dark side...the size of the labor force is shrinking. Which is something Geoff at Ace of Spades wrote about last month.

Something else doesn't make sense. Last month, the unemployment rate fell by .4 percent, with only 36,000 jobs created. Now, 192,000 jobs were created in February, and the rate fell by .1 percent?

Sounds like the Obama Regime is still doing what I did back in the fifth grade (see last month for explanation), as 2012 is on the horizon.


Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Look at the numbers on "employment". Thought I saw them at Gallup, but I can't find them (@0230, I'm lucky to fond the bathroom most nights). Even the "underemployment" numbers speak volumes. Gallup's"Job Creation Index" turned positive late last summer, but is still an anemic +13.

rohnrokt said...

hello sir-

I too feel "marooned" as a conservative in California, although I live in the Central Valley where a lot of conservatives live.

I think I trust Gallup's numbers more than the 8.9% being touted by the Dept of Labor. Is it because it does not include those no longer looking for work because they have given up looking and so their numbers are no longer deemed part of the "labor force?" Do you think
this is how they came to that 8.9%?