Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Et tu, Ari Fleischer?

It's been obvious to this political observer that the number one job of the lapdog media in this country is to make sure Barack Hussein Obama is re-elected.

Well, I've been mistaken. Make that their number two job.

Apparently, their number one job is to make sure Sarah Palin never sets foot in any Republican primary by tarnishing her name in their pages and beating the American electorate endlessly with the message to not take her seriously as a candidate.

Politico does their "anti-Palin" dirty work again today. They dug up another RINO named Ari Fleischer to comment on the former Alaska Governor. You remember him? He was the first Press Secretary to George W. Bush. I don't want to entirely knock him. I met him on a trip to the White House Press Room in 2002. He's a pleasant, likable guy. But he's way off on this one (Conservatives 4 Palin).
“I cannot see any way, shape or form that she can win the Republican primary,” Fleischer, the former press secretary to President George W. Bush, said as reported by the Idaho Mountain Express.

Fleischer, who was in Ketchum, Idaho to speak as part of the Sun Valley Center for the Arts’ Lecture Series, said he’d never seen such a wide open Republican field, but that the former Alaska governor was not among the serious contenders.
Um, OK, Ari. So what do you have to base that brilliant analysis on? Any particular policy she supports or action she's taken as governor? Well? we're waiting. Or is it just because she didn't go to the same Ivy League school as you did?

This is the problem I have with the anti-Palin propaganda coming from the lapdog media, and especially from the mouth of the supposed conservative elite. There are all these drive by attacks that question her electability and I have not seen one that has anything to do with policy or anything like that. It is all based on some aspect of her personality that these GOP elites have found offensive about her.

If Ari Fleischer or any other Blue Blood Republican wants to present a substantial argument against a Palin candidacy based on policy, fine, let's hear it. But if it's just pulling an opinion out your back pocket based on the fact you think she's not as sophisticated as you are, Ari, then you (as you told one White House reporter) "need to bark up a different tree."

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Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

This is the "electability" argument. The RINO wing of the GOP loves this one. The GOP still runs on "seniority". That is, the person who has "paid their dues" gets the backing of the party. This is how we got McCain last time around and how we may get someone like Gingrich this time around.