Friday, March 11, 2011

Devastating Earthquake In Japan: Tsunami Warning For Hawaii & West Coast UPDATE: Boats Break Loose In Santa Cruz, Docks Damaged

UPDATE: 2:00 Crescent City, CA harbor docks destroyed.

UPDATE - 12:15 P.M. EDT - ABC 7 - KGO in the Bay Area is reporting waves from the tsunami have damaged docks in the Santa Cruz area, and several boats have capsized or broken loose.

Debris from tsunami damage in Santa Cruz, CA
People are being advised NOT to stand on bridges where this water is coming in, for your own safety.

An 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan during the evening, causing massive damage.
(Photos below from The Atlantic)

Here's footage from a YouTube member in Japan.

A tsunami warning has been issued for Hawaii and the West Coast. Schools along the Oregon cost have closed and many residents are headed inland. Residents of Crescent City, CA are preparing for the tsunami.

SFGate says two to five foot waves could reach the San Francisco Bay Area by 8 a.m. this morning.

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