Wednesday, March 02, 2011

CAIR Silences Fred Grandy At WMAL

Those of you outside Washington DC probably only know of Fred Grandy as the actor who played "Gopher" on The Love Boat. However, he was also a Congressman, "post Love Boat" and has been a host of a great morning show on WMAL-AM in Washington DC, first with Andy Parks and now with Fred Nehman as The Grandy Group.

Well, the unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation terror case, CAIR, apparently have put pressure on WMAL to silence Grandy because he was really hitting the topic of radical Islam and Shariah Law hard on his show (Atlas Shrugs).
James Lafferty wrote:

WMAL management has caved to CAIR once again! Fred Grandy is off-the-air because he told the truth about jihadists working within America to destroy our government and subjugate all Americans to Islam.

And Jan P wrote:

Fred Grandy (ex-actor and ex-congressman) regularly informed his audience of the jihad, Sharia and the attacks on western civilization. His wife, “Mrs. Fred” appeared every Friday. Fred has had Carolyn Glick, Brigitte Gabriel, Pamela Geller, Noni Darwish, Walid Phares and others on.

Last Friday, “Mrs. Fred” talked about Obama talking Taqqiya. I looked for the podcast to send around but it never appeared on line. I think this was the last straw for WMAL. His podcasts can be found at

Fred Grandy asked that letters of support be sent to him at
WMAL's contact information is here as well. Contact them and let them know they should not be giving into the demands of CAIR.

I'll be following this and give any details I can find out. It's pathetic today that in America, scumbags like the Westboro Inbred Cult are given the free speech right to spew hate at the funerals of our fallen, while anyone who dares to question radical Islam is silenced.


Charlie Angel said...

Um, Fox is reporting Fred resigned because when his wife was on the ratings dropped and he refused to change that segment. Then she falsely attacked the station on the air (READ: LIED) about CAIR, who has said they never contacted the station and a Google search turns up ZERO statements from CAIR about Grandy. She shot herself in the foot and took Fred out with her. Shame, I liked the show. Wonder what will come next. I'll still listen.

Anonymous said...

WMAL, wake up!!!! What is the matter with you??? This is why I listen to WMAL because of Fred!!! Not so much his wife, but FRED! I and a lot of others will stop listening. I don't know the real reason you let Fred go, but "GET HIM BACK"!!! He gave us the "regular listener" the common folk, a sence of what is really going on in this world today. He is smart, whitty, informative and had so much common sence. I Love Fred, he's a good person!! Wake up WMAL!!!