Thursday, March 31, 2011

Obama Regime Gives Covert Support To Libyan Rebels Who Include Jihadists

Now just what in the Hell is going on here?

First, we're told that this "dumb war" (excuse me, "Kintetic Military Operation") in Libya was for "humanitarian reasons" and that there would be no ground troops.

Now comes word that the Obama Regime is giving covert support to these rebels in Libya.

Donald Douglas at American Power has more about that, including how once-Obama worshipping Lefties are coming unglued. Andrew Sullivan is beginning to sound like he's attending NA meetings, because he sees Obama so clearly he can't believe he was so disillusioned.

It appears those rebels are nothing more than jihadists linked to al-Queda.

So, really, what is this about, Mr. Obama: regime change to establishing a Caliphate in North Africa?

Thirty Years Ago Yesterday - Liberal Incivility Didn't Begin With George W. Bush

Thirty years ago, the nation was stunned when a lone nut gunman tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in Washington DC.

If you watched ABC News, you saw anchor Frank Reynolds give this coverage, and get frustrated as well at conflicting reports being given, including one saying that Press Secretary Jim Brady had been killed.

I'll never forget, as a sixth grader in South Texas, getting the word of the attempted assassination attempt as we were outside in PE class. I'd followed closely Reagan's 1980 campaign, which is how I first became interested in politics. The shock of hearing he was shot, and not knowing much else, was compounded by a few idiots who had been Jimmy Carter supporters applauding when the teacher told us the news.

Apparently, the idiocy I saw was not an isolated incident, as NewsBusters dug into the archives.

As a reminder that leftists have been poisoning the wells of civility and basic human decency for a very, very long time, I present these two items from the Associated Press and United Press International on April 1 and 2, 1981, respectively:

•Via AP, dateline Tulsa -- "Teachers Stunned as Children Cheer Reagan Shooting"

Look at who these educators were trying to blame, namely "an insensitivity to violence that has built up over a long exposure to television." Puh-leeze. I can see how that might conceivably transfer to indifference about people being killed, but that doesn't explain why someone would be happy about it. Someone --parents, teachers, possibly others -- taught these children that Ronald Reagan getting shot would be something to cheer about. I suspect that those who were quoted were distracting from a situation they had caused.

Those who weren't around at the time or who were apathetic won't recall that Reagan was intensely despised by the media, the intelligentsia, and the educational establishment. All of them waged a non-stop campaign during the 1980 election season to convince people that electing Ronald Reagan president would be the equivalent of signing a nuclear holocaust death warrant -- and that if he didn't do that, he'd starve them to death by cutting government spending. I remember because, sad to say, I was sufficiently persuaded by the first argument to feel compelled to vote for John Anderson that November.

That early teens would find these lines of non-reasoning especially persuasive shouldn't surprise anyone.

Of course, it's these same laughing boys on the Left who lecture the rest of us about civility and try to make connections to supposed "right-wing violence" that don't exist, or they call conservative female politicians sexist names, as a certain dick who has a show on HBO did recently.

To Family & Friends In The Rio Grande Valley, Mark Your Calendar For April 16

If you're in or able to go to McAllen, TX on Saturday, April 16th, I strongly recommend you go to the McAllen Civic Center for a screening of The Ground Zero Mosque, Second Wave of the 9/11 Attacks and appearance by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

The details are listed at Geller's blog, Atlas Shrugs:

Saturday The McAllen Tea Party Association proudly presents

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer and the viewing of their film: "Ground Zero Mosque"

City & state: McAllen, Texas

Date: Saturday April 16th 2011 McAllen Civic Auditorium, NW corner of 10th street & Expressway 83

Time 2pm till 5pm

For more information or any questions please email us at

Both Geller and Spencer have been leading the fight not just against this slap in the face of 9/11 families and America, but also are modern Paul Reveres in calling attention to the attempts to implement Shariah law in America. They are people who need to be heard and deserve your support.

Former Obama Regime "Czar" Van Jones Led Anti-US Rally The DAY AFTER 9/11 Where Terrorists Were Called "Heroes"

While the fire and smoke was still rising from the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, and rescue workers were searching for the missing, on the other side of the nation, they were holding a rally in Oakland, CA cheering the attacks.

The rally was led by a street slime who rose from a Communist, anti-police community organizer to an unconstitutional "czar" in the most Left-wing administration in Americas history -- Van Jones. From BizzyBlog and Gateway Pundit:

Kristinn Taylor and Andrea Shea King reported recently at Big Government on a long lost video of Van Jones leading a rally in Oakland, California the day after 9-11 where they cheered the American killers.

BizzyBlog reported on this video back on September 8, 2009. But, Kristinn just recently captured some of Jones’ remarks at the rally. The video also shows one speaker praising the 9-11 attackers as heroes.

Disgusting… Yet this radical activist is still a hero on the left.

Transcript via BizzyBlog:

Text of Van Jones remarks:

■“It’s the bombs that the government has been dropping around the world that are now blowing up inside the U.S. borders.”

■“We’ve got something stronger than bombs, we have solidarity. That dream of revolutionary change is stronger than bombs.”

That second item sounds a bit like someone who occupies the White House, doesn’t it?

No wonder Jones resigned just after midnight on Sunday, mere hours after Powerline spilled the beans about what Jones said at this event.

Also, at about the 3:05 mark, someone who may have been the inspiration for Obama pastor Jeremiah Wright’s sermon (at 2:10 through 2:45 of the video at the link) the next Sunday, talked of “chickens comin’ home to roost.” Imagine that.

Other video lowlights (statements made by others):

■(0:33) “…. use this time to show that we’re really upset about all the violence that is goin’ down not only in New York, but also the violence goin’ down around the world, and that the United States was founded on this kind of terrorism, and it still continues today.”

■(1:10) “We also want to be angry, and allow ourselves to feel that anger and that rage for those stolen lives. We want to also understand though, that those lives were lost because of our government’s inhumane foreign policy. And we should be angry, we should be p***ed off, that what our government does around rest of the world that leads us not to be safe here. That’s what we should be angry at ….”

■(4:10) “But when we knew what those places represented, we were kind of also glad that there’s a place called the Pentagon where, where, military strategies which have killed millions of people around the face of the world (unintelligible). We know, to see that place burnin’, there was some satisfaction to it.”

One of the racists in the video even called the hijackers who murdered 3,000 "heroes." (3.38)
"Don't call them (the Islamic terrorists) cowards, they're heroes who died, and they're the people we need to support in these days, and the People of Color are rising..."
Jones resigned his "czar" position in the middle of the night after it had been revealed he signed a 9/11 Troof petition.

These people complain about "racism" and "oppression," but when you think about it, they're the real racists. You hear it in their voices, and see it in the name of a group Jones founded "Color of Change" that currently attacks Glenn Beck, Fox News, etc. Any group that stresses "color" is, in my view, racist.

Even more recently, this racist group got Andrew Breitbart taken off the Huffington Toast blog for comments he made about Van Jones, calling him a "commie punk" and "a cop killer-supporting, racist, demagogic freak." I'd add one more to that list. How about "Islamic terrorist sympathizer Van Jones."

Did the Obama Regime, and Valerie Jarrett (who bragged about bringing his "talents" to the Regime) know of this when they brought him on?

And to the Huffington Toast, you pulled the plug on Andrew Breitbart for "uncivil talk," so do you think this video represents civil talk you'd be proud of? After all, this slime in the video is the same Van Jones who you defended.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Female Security Guard Arrested In England For Possession Of Explosives Near Olympic Stadium

Are certain people looking at a way to execute a terrorist attack during the 2012 Olympics? (UK Guardian)
A female security guard has been arrested near London's Olympic stadium site on suspicion of possessing explosives, it has emerged.

The 40-year-old dog handler was held after her vehicle was searched in a car park off Pudding Mill Lane on Tuesday, but police said the incident was not thought to be terror-related.

Scotland Yard said the woman was arrested on suspicion of possession of a "very small amount of a substance" that was being forensically examined. The suspect is currently being held in custody at an east London police station.

...In a statement the Met insisted that the incident "did not represent a threat to the safety and security of the Olympic site."

...A spokesman for G4S, which provides security for the Olympics, said: "G4S take breach of operational processes very seriously and are assisting the police with their inquiries in relation to this incident."

The arrest came on the same day that building work at the £486m Olympic stadium was completed.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Make No Mistake, Democrats Rooting For Government Shutdown

Democrats are ruthlessly rooting for a government shutdown, because they think they can capitalize on it like "Slick Willie" Clinton did in 1995.

Think I'm kidding? Howard "the Scream" Dean said as much today (ABC).

"From a partisan point of view, I think it would be the best thing in the world to have a shutdown," Sen. Howard Dean said Tuesday at a National Journal Insider Conference's panel. That's because, Dean said, Republicans would be blamed for it.

"If I was head of DNC, I would be quietly rooting for it," Dean said. "I know who's going to get blamed. We've been down this road before."

Isn't that great? Just as they did during the Iraq War, Dean and the DNC are rooting for failure so they can try and politically capitalize on it.

Here's more proof of how Democrats really want a shutdown. Senator UpChuck Schumer, the slimy ambulance chaser from Brooklyn, was caught on a phone call strategizing how to attack the Republicans (The Examiner).

Schumer instructed the group, made up of Sens. Barbara Boxer of California, Tom Carper of Delaware, Ben Cardin of Maryland and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, to tell reporters that the GOP is refusing to negotiate. He told the group to make sure they label the GOP spending cuts as "extreme."

"I always use extreme, Schumer said. "That is what the caucus instructed me to use."

Someone must have finally told Schumer that the media were listening and he stopped talking midsentence.

Why is it that anyone who wants the government to live within their means (like the rest of us do) and who believe in the US Constitution are extreme? You want to know what's extreme, Schmucky Schumer? Using scare tactics in the form of TV commercials stating cuts to the EPA will poison children. Refusal to cut government funding for Planned Parenthood.

If there is no budget resolution, and a government shutdown should follow, don't listen to the lapdog media water carriers for the Democrats. They wanted it to happen. Dean and Schumer have shown their cards.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Marin County = RAAAAACISTS!

That's what the Federal Government is saying at least--ultra liberal Marin County, CA is too white (The Bay Citizen, via The Blaze)
The draft report, released Wednesday, came in response to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s determination that Marin had “failed to comply” with the 1964 Civil Rights Act and two other anti-discrimination statutes. Marin’s Community Development Agency recommended amending zoning regulations to ease the construction of new apartments, passing new laws requiring new developments to offer housing at below-market rates, and stepping up programs to combat discrimination by landlords and realtors. Chuck Hauptman, HUD’s Regional Director for Fair Housing, said officials were reviewing the plan “to see if it is acceptable as far as content goes.”
There's also this video report from CNN.

In the eleven years I lived there, the double standards of Marin's hot-tub liberals was on display for all who cared to see. Being among the more liberal areas in America, Marin is also one of the wealthiest, which shoots arrows in the myth that the wealthy are all Republicans.

But Marin liberals also were quick to attack anyone who supported the War on Terror and Iraq, in addition to securing the US southern border, as "racists." The good Marin libs even attacked sobriety checkpoints in the (mostly Hispanic) Canal Area of San Rafael as "racial profiling." But when you looked at the facts, you had to ask yourself--if the good liberals of Marin County cared about minorities, why did they oppose affordable housing projects like the one planned by Habitat for Humanity? Because it would make the areas where their multi-million dollar homes were look "like a housing project."

In other words, getting rid of the cheap labor who mow and manicure their lawns and clean their toilets is racist, but Marin liberals sure don't want them living in their nice upscale neighborhoods.

Or what about when the owner of Sol Food Puerto Rican restaurant in San Rafael caused a stir when she decided to paint her place of business a bright green color? One big-hearted Marin County lib told the Marin IJ: "I thought I was in Richmond," referring to the mostly-black, high-crime town across the Rafael Bridge from Marin.

I've also posted at this blog many instances of anti-Semitism among the Moron County so-called "anti-war" Left.

It looks like, after so many years of playing the race card against those who oppose their liberalism, Marin's chickens are coming home to rooooooooost, and under an Administration they supported at the ballot box.

Obama Doctrine = WTF? He Still Doesn't Answer Why We Bombed Libya Or Why His Regime Gave $400K To Gaddafi Family

Barack Hussein Obama spoke again tonight about Libya, not only to announce that NATO is taking over the operation, but also to explain again United States involvement in the bombing campaign.

His cheerleaders in the lapdog media have talked of an Obama Doctrine and, yes, it is true, he illustrated it tonight. Like everything else the Obama Regime does, the Obama Doctrine can be summed up in three letters - W.T.F.

From studying history and witnessing in my lifetime involvement in Grenada, Central America, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq (again), I must say I cannot recall a President ever having to re-explain to a nation (again) why we are risking the lives of our fighting men and women, assets and treasure into a "kinetic military action" where the goals and security threats to the United States were never outlined in the beginning to the nation. Why no answers to questions about the "rebels" we are assisting? Many of these "rebels" claim links to al-Queda.

Humanitarian crisis? Then why no involvement in Syria, Bahrain, or Iran? Saddam Hussein, who is currently pushing up daisies, brutalized his people, killed and tortured political enemies, and also used weapons of mass destruction on the Kurds. However, in 2002, Barack Hussein Obama called any involvement in getting rid of Hussein "a dumb war," even though Saddam was suspected of having WMDs (long before George W. Bush was President) and suspected of having ties to terrorism.

And, if Libyan Dictator Moammar Gadadfi (how his name is spelled this week) was the bad buy Obama said he was tonight (and I don't deny he is), then why did the Obama Regime give Gaddafi $400,000 in US money in 2009? Andrew McCarthy asked that question, and had reported on it back in September 2009.

The Obama administration has notified Congress of the State Department's intention to contribute $400,000 to foundations run by Muammar Qaddafi's two children — $200,000 each for daughter Aisha and son Saif. Saif, you may recall, is the son who escorted the Lockerbie terrorist Abdel Baset al-Megrahi home to a hero's welcome in Libya after President Obama sternly "warned" Qaddafi that there was to be no hero's welcome.
Then Rep. Mark Kirk wanted the grant withdrawn.

First, Gaddafi had to go, then he could stay, now tonight, he needs to go again. The Defense Secretary said on Meet the Depressed yesterday that involvement in Libya was not in our interest, until Hillary took over the interview. Obama had the chance to end the confusion and answer legitimate questions about our involvement in Libya.

Once again, he failed to do that.

Lapdog media outlet AP even shoots holes in Obama's claims made in his speech tonight.

Stossel Reports On Pigford Scam

Remember the whole Pigford scam? has been at the forefront of reporting this, and Andrew Breitbart talked to many of us in the blogger's lounge at CPAC about it.

Now John Stossel reported on it on Fox Business Channel.

You'll probably never see this reported anywhere else.

Flashback 2007: Trump Promotes HillaryCare Pt. II, Says Bush Should "Run In A Corner & Hide"

Ever since his speech at CPAC last month, Donald Trump has been getting a lot of attention for stating his interest in a possible Presidential run.

More recently, he has jumped on the Obama birth certificate bandwagon. But is he really the conservative he Trumped himself up to be in his CPAC speech?

Over at FreeRepublic, someone found a 2007 appearance on CNN's Wolf Blitzed show where he gushed all over Hillary Rotten Clinton, and her revamped version of HillaryCare. Trump also called George W. Bush a terrible President, probably the worst, and said he should "run in a corner and hide."

Trump even called Obama "talented," but felt he didn't have enough experience to be President.

So, is this the guy we want to run as a Republican in 2012 against Barack Obama?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

No Wonder Illinois Governor Quinn Attacks Wisconsin's Scott Walker, Quinn Is Paid For By Union $$$$

In true liberal Democrat fashion, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn recently attacked union-busting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker with the typical fear-mongering one would expect from a liberal.
Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn appeared on Fox Chicago this week and criticized Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s handling of the union crisis there, saying that the right to form unions is “America, that’s what it’s all about.”

In Wisconsin, the governor there wants to extinguish the right of everyday people to have a union, and to have collective bargaining,” Quinn said. “I don’t think that’s good. I don’t think that’s really the right way to go to solve problems and they’re not going to help their economy at all in Wisconsin with all this turmoil.”

No wonder Quinn resorts to this kind of attack. He is owned--lock, stock, and barrel--by the unions. John at Marathon Pundit has recently written about how Quinn has received $5 million in campaign contributions from public-sector unions. It gets worse, as John also writes that almost 97 percent of Illinois workers could be represented by labor unions.
AP discovered that nearly 10,000 Illinois state workers have joined unions in the past eight years, which quadruples the increase in the prior eight. Not coincidentally, disgraced former Governor Rod Blagojevich was sworn in eight Januarys ago. And if the pending requests to the Illinois Labor Relations Board are approved, almost 97 percent of all state workers--including many managers--will be represented by Big Labor. Of the 50,000 state workers, only 1,700 will be non-union.
And what do you think that will mean for Illinois? Democrat politicians in the hip pockets of unions who will give them the campaign money and on-the-ground muscle to get into office and stay there.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Al-Queda Joining Libyan Rebels, Muslim Brotherhood "Energized" In Libya--Is Obama Giving Birth To Jihadist Superstate?

This is not looking good (UK Telegraph)
In an interview with the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, Mr al-Hasidi admitted that he had recruited "around 25" men from the Derna area in eastern Libya to fight against coalition troops in Iraq. Some of them, he said, are "today are on the front lines in Adjabiya".

Mr al-Hasidi insisted his fighters "are patriots and good Muslims, not terrorists," but added that the "members of al-Qaeda are also good Muslims and are fighting against the invader".

His revelations came even as Idriss Deby Itno, Chad's president, said al-Qaeda had managed to pillage military arsenals in the Libyan rebel zone and acquired arms, "including surface-to-air missiles, which were then smuggled into their sanctuaries".

Mr al-Hasidi admitted he had earlier fought against "the foreign invasion" in Afghanistan, before being "captured in 2002 in Peshwar, in Pakistan". He was later handed over to the US, and then held in Libya before being released in 2008.
Neither is this (
AL-QAEDA'S offshoot in North Africa has snatched surface-to-air missiles from an arsenal in Libya during the civil strife there, Chad's President says. Idriss Deby Itno did not say how many surface-to-air missiles were stolen, but told the African weekly Jeune Afrique that he was "100 per cent sure" of his assertion.

"The Islamists of al-Qaeda took advantage of the pillaging of arsenals in the rebel zone to acquire arms, including surface-to-air missiles, which were then smuggled into their sanctuaries in Tenere," a desert region of the Sahara that stretches from northeast Niger to western Chad, Deby said in the interview.
And to top it off, it looks like Barack Hussein Obama's action in Libya is helping, as he did in Egypt....the Muslim Brotherhood (CNN).
Dr. Abdulmonem Hresha knows first hand how Moammar Gadhafi's regime works. He says the seeds of his opposition were sown when he was age 10.

...The prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood now lives in London, and anticipates the group could become an important player in a post-Gadhafi environment.

As in Egypt and Tunisia, the Brotherhood in Libya has been energized by the sudden upheaval sweeping the Arab world.

It says it has no organizational links with the Brotherhood elsewhere, but shares the philosophy of the pan-Arab Islamist movement founded in Egypt in the 1920s.
Now I haven't often agreed with Sen. Rand Paul on a few items (cutting off aid to all nations including allies like Israel, military cuts), but I'm in total agreement with him when he told National Review:
“The question is, who are these people?” he asks. “We know how bad the guy in power is, but do we know that these people are not in favor of radical sharia law? Do we know that they do not think that Israel should be wiped off the map? I am always concerned when we are in favor of people who we know nothing about.”
As was in Egypt, this has been my concern.

Is Obama about to help give birth to an Islamist monster in northern Africa aligned with al-Queda, and create an even bigger base of operations for terrorism?

Geraldine Ferraro - R.I.P.

Former US Representative and 1984 Vice Presidential Candidate Geraldine Ferraro has died today at 75.
Geraldine A. Ferraro, who earned a place in history in 1984 as the first woman to run on a major party national ticket for vice president, has died. She was 75-years-old.

Ferraro, who was born in Newburgh, New York, passed away Saturday at Massachusetts General Hospital while surrounded by her loved ones, a statement from her family said.

The cause of death was complications from multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that she had battled for twelve years, her family said.

Geraldine Anne Ferraro Zaccaro, a former Queens school teacher and Congresswoman, earned a place in history as the first woman and first Italian-American to run on a major party national ticket, serving as Walter Mondale's Vice Presidential running mate in 1984 on the Democratic Party ticket.

President Barack Obama called Ferraro a trailblazer and said his daughters will grow up in a more equal country because of her ideals. Ferraro "fought to uphold American's founding ideals of equality, justice and opportunity for all," the president said.
Gateway Pundit noted the differnece in Obama's tone from 2008, when he and his campaign all but tarnished Ferraro by slapping the race card against her for comments she made on John Gibsons's radio show.

To which she responded:

She also called out the sexism used in the Obama campaign below, and did the same later on when sexist attacks were made against Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin wrote on her Facebook page:
My family and I would like to express our sincere condolences to the family of Geraldine Ferraro. When I had the honor of working alongside Geraldine on election night last year, we both discussed the role of women in politics and our excited expectation that someday that final glass ceiling would be shattered by the election of a woman president. She was an amazing woman who dedicated her life to public service as a teacher, prosecutor, Congresswoman, and Vice Presidential candidate. She broke one huge barrier and then went on to break many more. The world will miss her. May she rest in peace and may her example of hard work and dedication to America continue to inspire all women.
Rest in Peace, Ms. Ferraro.

Kinetic Action To & From The 'Burbs Of Philadelphia

I returned not too long ago from a day trip to the 'burbs of Philadelphia, for a concert I attended last night.

Those who know me well know one of my passions outside of politics is music. I've played guitar for 24 years and other instruments during jr. high and high school marching band. So, I had a ticket to watch a living legend named Jeff Beck last night, who did a tribute to Les Paul and 1950s rock -n- roll with Imelda May and her band.

It was a great show. If you like that kind of music, check out the recent DVD release of the show they did at the Iridium Club in Manhattan, where Les used to "hold court" on Monday nights.

Unfortunately, the threat of "glo-BULL warming," in the form of a snowstorm we're supposed to get starting tonight, made me decide to head back to Northern Virginia, or else I'd probably be sightseeing right now.

I did have the opportunity to visit one museum near my hotel yesterday that attracted my attention, since I also love old military airplanes. If you're anywhere near Willow Grove NAS, check out the Wings of Freedom Aviation Museum.

Among the things you can do there is sit in the actual simulator of a Grumman F9F Panther US Navy carrier based fighter, as I am below.

This is a F9F painted in the colors of the plane flown by baseball legend Ted Williams.

There's also several artifacts from several different conflicts, including this signed photo from Flying Tigers ace Robert Scott.
While at my hotel, I managed to catch this interesting bumper sticker.

So to all you libs who had your "1-20-09, Bush's Last Day" bumper stickers on your car, let me say we enjoy throwing it back in your faces!

Now, back to our regular programming!

Friday, March 25, 2011

New York Times Finds (Surprise!) Muslim Brotherhood Taking Lead In Post-Mubarak Egypt

On January 28th, after noting that the Muslim Brotherhood was taking a big part in the Egyptian uprising that overthrew Hosni Mubarak, I wondered if Egypt might become to Obama what Iran became to Jimmy Carter.

But when you listened to the lapdog media, and even some in the conservative movement, this was being called a "pro-Democracy" movement.

Now, The New York Slimes has discovered that, to their surprise, the Muslim Brotherhood is taking the lead in the new Egypt.
In post-revolutionary Egypt, where hope and confusion collide in the daily struggle to build a new nation, religion has emerged as a powerful political force, following an uprising that was based on secular ideals. The Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist group once banned by the state, is at the forefront, transformed into a tacit partner with the military government that many fear will thwart fundamental changes.

It is also clear that the young, educated secular activists who initially propelled the nonideological revolution are no longer the driving political force — at least not at the moment.
So is it too early for me to say "told ya so?"

Palin: "Lamestream Media: Reload or White Flag?"

Sarah Palin responded to the recent vulgar and sexist attacks mounted against her on her Facebook page.
Upon my return from an outstanding and productive trip to India and Israel, I’ve been inundated with requests to respond to petty comments made in the media the past few days, including one little fella’s comment which decent people would find degrading. (I won’t bother responding to it though, because it was made by he who reminds me of an annoying little mosquito found zipped up in your tent; he can’t do any harm, but buzzes around annoyingly until it’s time to give him the proverbial slap.)

When it comes to responding to the media, the standard warning is: Don’t pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel because calling out the media and holding them accountable is a risky endeavor. Too often the first instinct is to ignore blatant media bias, crudeness, and outright lies, and just hope the media instigator will grow up and provide fairer coverage if you bite your tongue and not challenge the false reporting of an openly hostile press. But I’ve never bought into that. That’s waving the white flag. I just can’t do it because I have too much respect for the importance of a free press as a cornerstone of our democracy, and I have great respect for the men and women in uniform who sacrifice so much to defend that First Amendment right. Media, with freedom comes responsibility.

Friends, too often conservatives or Republicans in general come across as having the fighting instinct of sheep. I don’t. I was raised to believe that you don’t retreat when you’re on solid ground; so even though it often seems like I’m armed with just a few stones and a sling against a media giant, I’ll use those small resources to do what I can to set the record straight. The truth is always worth fighting for. Doing so isn’t whining or “playing the victim card”; it’s defending the truth in fairness to those who seek accurate information. I’ll keep attempting to correct misinformation and falsehoods about myself and my record, and I will certainly never shy from defending others who are unfairly attacked. This is in the name of justice.

But two decades in politics have taught me that when it comes to picking battles, often it’s best to ignore the truly petty, ugly personal media shots because engaging in a counter argument with disreputable, intolerant people doesn’t vindicate me; it
merely gives those people the attention they seek. It wastes my time and it distracts from what we should focus on.

...I’ll keep correcting false reporting, and I’ll defend others to the hilt; but I won’t spend any more precious, limited time responding to personal, vulgar, sexist venom spewed my way.

...Petty comments from the small-minded are used to distract. Stay focused, America. Don’t wave any white flag. Simply put, let’s spend our precious time on causes that are worthy.

- Sarah Palin
Besides the media bias, the whole episode with Maher shows the double standard when it comes to sexism. The refusal of the National Organization of Women (Who Can't Get A Man) to defend Palin from sexist attacks (followed by their snarky response) showed for all the true purpose of that organization and modern feminism--support for abortion on demand, as well as attacks on the entire male species as the root of all evil. Just like the NAACP is no longer about the advancement of all blacks (at least not conservative blacks), NOW is truly not about equality for all women. They're just organizations who wrap themselves in the "equality" illusion to promote a liberal agenda.

Libya: What Would Reagan Do?

This is a great video, put together by his son, Michael, that shows the difference between a leader and a community organizer.

WWRD - What Would Reagan Do? Libya from RightChange on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Former SEIU Official Caught On Tape Plotting To Crash Stock Market; Name Appears On White House Visitor Roll

From Business Insider:

A former official of one of the country's most-powerful unions, SEIU, has a secret plan to "destabilize" the country.

The plan is designed to destroy JP Morgan, nuke the stock market, and weaken Wall Street's grip on power, thus creating the conditions necessary for a redistribution of wealth and a change in government.

The former SEIU official, Stephen Lerner, spoke in a closed session at a Pace University forum last weekend.

SEIU is a labor union which has been closely linked to the Obama Regime.

To make matters even more unsettling, this guy Lerner has apparently visited The White House according to The Blaze, via Nice Deb.
On May 22, 2010, Lerner met with a presidential personnel officer who manages economic agencies. While the minimal information in the WH visitor log offers no real information on what this meeting was about, it’s distressing to know a) anyone in the White House would meet with the kind of man who could openly call for the deliberate dismantling of the American economy, and that b) that White House official works to recruit personnel for the federal government’s economic agencies.

Perhaps more telling, the Stephen Lerner listed in the White House logs had an October 16, 2010 appointment scheduled by Tara Corrigan, executive assistant to then-WH political director Patrick Gaspard. Like Lerner, Gaspard spent much of his career working as a lobbyist and executive vice president for SEIU‘s Local 1199 in New York one of the union’s most powerful and notoriously militant chapters. You may recall that Gaspard announced his departure from the White House earlier this year in order to focus on the upcoming 2012 campaign. He now serves as executive director of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) under chairman Tim Kaine.

We have asked the White House to confirm that the reported “Stephen Lerner” is indeed the veteran SEIU organizer, however we still have received no response.
Probably because they're looking for a way to spin that "this is a different guy, with the same name," as they did Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.

Former KKK Member Running For Mayor Of Lake Wales, Florida

....and he's a (drumroll) DEMOCRAT!
70-year-old John Paul Rogers wants to become the next mayor of Lake Wales, but critics say he could have a tough time bringing the town together because he's a former member of Ku Klux Klan.

Rogers, who is currently a commissioner, spoke with 10 News Tuesday afternoon and says, "I'm not running for the Klan for Grand Dragon." That's because Rogers has already had that title.

He blames his opponent Mike Carter for bringing up his former involvement in the United Klans of America.

...He says, "Well I resigned years ago, about 30 years ago. Jesus said, 'He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone,' and so far no one's hit me with a rock. I don't know of any act of any violence that was sanctioned by our organization, either national or in Florida."

But Darryl Paulson, a USF professor, who is an expert in the Klan, points to a case in which two Klansman with the United Klans of America were convicted of attacking 19-year-old Michael Donald in 1981 in Mobile, Alabama. Donald was beaten up and his throat was cut.

Paulson says, "They hung him from a tree and they were sued in court and the civil judgment was launched against the United Klans of America. The jury awarded a six million dollar settlement to the mother of the slain child."

He adds, "When Rogers says he resigned. He had no other choice. The United Klans couldn't pay off the six million dollar settlement but they lost their headquarters. Their headquarters was sold as part of the judgement so in essence they were forced out of business. They were financially bankrupt."
You don't find out Rogers' party affilation until the last paragraph. But it's not suprising to find out he's a Democrat, because the racist organization's roots are entirely in the Democrat Party.

Maybe Bill Clinton will make rationalizations for this guys past, just like he did for Robert "Sheets" Byrd.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Obama Lies: Said No Ground Troops Would Be In Libya; Today 2,000 Marines Are On Ground In Libya

Last Friday, Barack Hussein Obama made the following statement, in which he said United States ground troops would not be deployed into Libya.

That was Friday. Today OneNewsNow reports ground troops are in Libya.

(H/T Alana Burke)

Unhappy Anniversary - One Year Ago Obamacare Rammed Down Our Throats, & Tea Party Slandered As Racists In The Process

A year ago today, President Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat Congress achieved their long sought goal of government run health care over the loud objections of the American people.

The bill, signed by the President on this day, led directly to the events that cost the Democrats the House in November, and trimmed their Senate majority.

Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader, made this video (h/t Marathon Pundit).

The NRSC also made the following video "Let's Make The First Anniversary The Last"

The Heritage Foundation points out what Obamacare really means for consumers.

From personal experience and observations of others, I can say that everything the Democrats and the President said about this bill proved to be untrue. Health care premiums have gone up drastically, and our nation is swimming in even more debt.

But Obamacare was only part of the evil committed by the Democrats and their allies in the lapdog media.

Because the opposition to this bill was so loud, so intense, the opponents of the bill had to be smeared in the process. On the eve of the bill's passage, the Democrat Party and their willing accomplices in the lapdog media took part in a conspiracy of slander against opponents of Obamacare by attacking Tea Party activists in Washington DC.

On the afternoon of March 20, 2010, McClatchy Newspapers ran the following headline:

WASHINGTON — Demonstrators outside the U.S. Capitol, angry over the proposed health care bill, shouted "nigger" Saturday at U.S. Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia congressman and civil rights icon who was nearly beaten to death during an Alabama march in the 1960s.

Protesters also shouted obscenities at other members of the Congressional Black Caucus, spat on at least one black lawmaker and confronted an openly gay congressman with taunts.

Capitol Police escorted the members of Congress into the Capitol after the confrontation. At least one demonstrator was reported arrested.
There's only one wasn't true.

No one shouted the "n-word" at any of the black Congressmen. No one was arrested. The spitting allegation was, at best, an accident.

The NAACP used this lie to tar and feather the Tea Party as racist at their national convention last summer, while promoting a different rally which ended up being a Communist, union led trashing of the National Mall in October.

On that day, I shot the following 48 second video which showed no racial slurs being yelled at the Congressmen.

News reports later alleged the slurs had been yelled when they were walking to the Capitol. Earlier in the day, I had also filmed a nine-second clip, which I did not originally post to YouTube that day and sent to Andrew Breitbart in April when he took the lead in proving the allegations were false.

In addition, there are about five or more other videos shot that day of the same event, and the result was the racial slur was yelled at the Congressmen. But that has not stopped the lapdog media from repeating the lie.

Compare that today with how the same media has covered up the (documented) violence, death threats, racial and gay slurs, etc by liberal union supporters around the nation during the recent bill cutting some public union rights in Wisconsin, in order to cut the state's debt.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NPR's Low Blow Against Michelle Malkin: Make Jokes About Her Family While Her Cousin Is Missing

If you're a reader at her website (or seen the links here or at Twitter), you know that Michelle Malkin and her family are asking for help in finding her cousin, Marizela, who disappeared in the Seattle, Washington area at the beginning of the month. (Here's the link to the website dedicated to the search, in case anyone who reads this might have information)

But the supposedly compassionate liberals at NPR showed just how heartless they are to Michelle during this family nightmare.

Broadcasting from their government-funded sewer, NPR broadcast a comedy game show Wait, Wait....Don't Tell Me the other day. During a segment of the show, they claimed Michelle said Obama is a "secret Muslim" (she never has said that) and used that fallacy to joke that she found out that her grandfather was a closeted Muslim.

Michelle's response is here.

It's one thing when you want to portray all conservatives as ignorant, the Tea Party as RAAAAACIST, while claiming Jews own all the newspapers. It's another to attack the family of a prominent conservative while they're living through a nightmare no family should have to endure.

For a bit of irony on this supposed "comedy" NPR ought to take a lesson from a show they broadcast in June 2006.

"Political Discourse:" Linguist (read: liberal code word for "bullshit artist") Geoff Nunberg comments on the outrageous nature of political talk shows. He uses Ann Coulter's remarks describing Sept. 11 widows as witches to illustrate his point.

In other words: Civil Discourse for them, but not for us.

One more reason NPR should be defunded.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sarah Palin Visits Israel & The Liberal's Useful Idiot David Frum Attacks Her

Sarah Palin visited Israel yesterday and today, showing Presidential leadership and American friendship with that nation which is absent from this current Regime in the White House.

But never count on anything Sarah Palin does to go by without bitter sniping at her heels from a snarky RINO elitists like David Frum, who play as useful idiot to the liberal lapdog media (CNN).

It's tough for a Republican politician to lose friends by visiting Israel. Yet Sarah Palin is in danger of doing so.

The former GOP vice presidential candidate arrived in Israel Sunday for a two-day visit. Ben Smith in Politico reports that the trip was booked through a Christian tour operator. But the real news is who did not book the trip: the Republican Jewish Coalition, the group that brought George W. Bush to Israel in 1998, Mitt Romney in 2007, Haley Barbour in 2011, and many other presidential hopefuls beside.

Very likely you have never heard of the Republican Jewish Coalition. But then again, you probably are not seeking the Republican presidential nomination. If you were seeking the nomination, the RJC is one of the groups whose support you would certainly want.
Politico? Frum gets his information from a source with an obvious anti-Palin bias. But Frum isn't done.

Over two months of campaigning in September and October 2008, Palin's poll numbers tumbled among women and independents. Yet even after the November 2008 loss, Palin remained hugely popular among Republicans.

She has spent the past 2½ years throwing that popularity away, piece by piece. Palin has worked hard to convince even the most ardent Republicans that she would be a doomed candidate and a disastrous president.

With the particular plan she chose for her trip to Israel, Palin alienated a few more potential friends -- important ones.

As I mentioned, I'm an RJC board member myself. I've been a Palin critic, but until now most of my colleagues have disagreed with me. Yet, once again, Palin seems to focus her energy on proving her critics right.

Even as a non-fan, I have to say: It all seems so sadly unnecessary.
What polls, the ones commissioned by the lapdog media outlets you serve as useful idiot to, David? Everywhere she went, Palin drew more crowds than John McLame. Her most recent book was one of the top selling in 2010. Her TV show was successful.

Since when is David Frum the gatekeeper for Sarah Palin to get permission to visit Israel? And also, what have you spent the last two years doing, David Frum? Attacking Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sarah Palin, and other conservatives in liberal outlets simply because you can't draw a crowd in a phone booth. If Sarah Palin was really the walking disaster you and other useful RINO idiots claim, you wouldn't be obsessed by her every move.

Every time this woman does something, you go after her. What gives? Do you have a problem with strong, conservative women? Are your attacks on Sarah Palin the result of a guy who is still bitter he got stood up at his high school prom?

It seems to me that the only one who has a grudge is you, NOT Sarah Palin.

Obama Regime, Eric Holder Stymie Military Tribuals In Order To Push 9/11 Case To Civil Court

Breaking news. Even though the Obama Regime had decided to go the military tribunal route, it appears they're trying to hamstring those efforts in order to bring them to civil courts (Fox News).
When the Obama administration announced earlier this month that military tribunals would resume at Guantanamo, many assumed that the highest-profile defendants at the prison -- the alleged 9/11 conspirators -- would soon be headed for trial. The lawyers’ experience suggests otherwise.

Lachelier says the money needed for the basic preparation of a defense, has been cut off. Lachelier said when she requested money to travel to Germany, where al Shibh lived with the 9/11 hijackers, including Mohammed Atta, Defense officials refused.

In a March 8 email to Lachelier obtained by Fox News, Defense officials traced the refusal to Attorney General Eric Holder.

"The Attorney General has determined that Mr. Bin al Shibh will be prosecuted in federal court," the email says. "If at some time the Attorney General changes his decision regarding forum, you can resubmit your request."

A Feb. 25 email from the Office of Military Commissions obtained by Fox News was even more specific: “Until the Attorney General says otherwise, any prosecution of the 9/11 detainees will be in federal court. That said, the Convening Authority (the body that oversees the military trials) will not approve, at this time, any travel requests from counsel to investigate or prepare for those cases, or any other cases, earmarked by the Attorney General for prosecution in federal court. Such requests should be put on hold and resubmitted when, and if, the Attorney General changes his forum decision."

Lachelier said the effect is profound.

“Without any funding, without any ability to engage in the standard defense function the rule of law can't be promoted and the case can't move at all,” she said.

The military lawyers say it in their system, is the defense that keeps the process moving forward. By cutting off their funding and other restrictions, the 9/11 military trial is effectively stalled.
And remember how well the civil courts handed the first terror trial? Ahmed Ghallani, connected to the 1998 embassy bombings, was acuqitted on all but one charge of terrorism.

So the whole green light to the military tribunal by the Regime was just a sleight of hand. The Regime and the terrorist-friendly attorney general are intent on seeing this as a criminal matter, not as a war, and possibly releasing by hung juries, etc, as many of these terrorists as they can.

No wonder our enemies around the world no longer fear us.

Obama In 2007: President Alone Doesn't Have Power To Launch Attacks

From, December 20, 2007 (h/t Raul):
The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.

As Commander-in-Chief, the President does have a duty to protect and defend the United States. In instances of self-defense, the President would be within his constitutional authority to act before advising Congress or seeking its consent. History has shown us time and again, however, that military action is most successful when it is authorized and supported by the Legislative branch. It is always preferable to have the informed consent of Congress prior to any military action.
I don't think that the United Nations is a legislative body for the United States, Mr. Obama.

It would be nice for the Congress, the American People and most importantly, our fighting men and women, to have some idea of what our goal and strategy is in Libya. You need to set that out before putting American lives in harms way, instead of going to Rio and playing soccer.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

While Attacks Are Made Against Libya, Obama Plays Soccer With Kids In Rio

Thanks to Donald Douglas at American Power for the link!

Attacks against Libya's regime started yesterday, with US missile strikes and French aircraft bombing targets, while Libyan dictator Moammar Qaddafi claiming this is the start of a long war (Yahoo news).
Anti-aircraft fire erupted in the Libyan capital on Sunday, marking the start of a second night of international strikes as a defiant Moammar Qaddafi vowed a "long war." The U.S. military said the allied bombardment so far, using a rain of Tomahawk cruise missiles and strikes by long-range bombers, had been successful in diminishing Gadhafi's air defenses.

Libya's rebels were jubilant after the first round of strikes before dawn on Sunday, which came as the overwhelming firepower of Gadhafi's forces had threatened to crush their month-old uprising.

The strikes gave immediate, if temporary, relief to the besieged rebel capital, Benghazi, in eastern Libya, which the day before had been under a heavy attack that killed at least 120 people.

Airstrikes early Sunday, apparently from French aircraft, devastated a Libyan tank force 12 miles (20 kilometers) south of Benghazi. At least seven demolished tanks were still smoldering in a field hours later, five of them with their turrets and treads blown off, alongside two charred armored personnel carriers and around a dozen damaged jeeps and SUVs of the type often used by Gadhafi fighters.
Meanwhile, the Vacationer-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama (Mmmm mmmm mmmm) was busy attending to other matters, such as playing soccer with Rio!

Here's a guy who has his priorities set.

Bill "Dick" Maher Calls Sarah Palin "A Dumb Twat"

Showing how misogyny is alive and well from the so-called champions of women known as liberals (Daily Caller, via Gateway Pundit).

On Friday night’s airing of the show, host Bill Maher took a shot at one of the left’s favorite targets, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, by contemplating her reaction to the tragic events that have unfolded in Japan over the past nine days. (h/t Real Clear Politics Video)

“Did you hear this – Sarah Palin finally heard what happened in Japan and she’s demanding that we invade ‘Tsunami,’” Maher said. “I mean she said, ‘These ‘Tsunamians’ will not get away with this.’ Oh speaking of dumb twats, did you –”

Maher isn’t one to avoid crossing those lines and was rewarded with approval from his audience.
What a stupid dick Maher is! That's the worst part of it, is that none of the liberals in the audience found that sexist attack on Sarah Palin offensive.

This kind of misogyny towards Sarah has been seen before (Flashback 2008).

No wonder Maher has to pick on women because he's such a pansy ass. Check out when he was on Pictionary with Erik Estrada (at around 2:55 in the video).

He barely touched Maher and he was down for the count.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Anti-US Military, Pro-Communist Moonbats Protesting Outside White House Today UPDATE: Dozens Arrested, Including Traitor Daniel Ellsberg

I'm not able to make it to DC today, due to family matters, but a bunch of anti-US military protesters who call themselves "peace activists" are gathering outside The White House today on the anniversary of the Iraq War, and apparently the limited involvement in Libya.

Jake Tapper of ABC has this photo, via Twitter.

It's the usual gathering of suspects: Code Pinko, International ANSWER, Veterans for Peace (aka Geezers for Sitting on Their Hands) and Iraq Veterans (who didn't serve there) Against The War. Many of these groups are fronts for Communist groups who have agitated on behalf of Islamic governments.

My friends at are there as well. I'm hoping to have more photos, etc as I can find them later.

UPDATE: From the Washington ComPost, dozens were arrested, including traitor Daniel Ellsberg, the leaker behind the "Pentagon Papers" leak.

Screenshots from videos found on YouTube:

9/11 Troofers:


Veterans for Peace, droning on with "Stop the Wars, Expose the lies, free Bradley Manning" like some parrot in a cage.

...and the Code Pinkos

Here's video of some of the arrests:

John Bolton: Obama Still Not Qualified To Be President

Speaking at the California GOP Convention:

“When President Obama took the office on Jan. 20, 2009, when it came to foreign policy and national security, he wasn’t qualified to be president,” Bolton said. “Today, more than two years later, he’s still not qualified.”
Bolton followed up saying we are suffering from a "crisis in American leadership around the world."

H/T Nice Deb

Who Really Is President?

Greta Van Susteren has an interesting post at GretaWire.
The biggest job of any President of the USA is as commander in chief ... making decisions about our military...when we send our men and women into danger ..and when we do not ....and how we protect America. There simply is no more important job.

Right now we are involved in a military action -- Libya! And who, per the media reports, seems to be doing the heavy lifting on the most important issue - military action - facing us? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is IN FRANCE meeting with the President of France (not their Foreign Minister but their President.)

Would you not think President Obama - on issues involving our military - would be the one meeting with President Sarkozy? President to President?

And who is the leaker? Who is leaking these private hotel discussions? See below
Seriously, you have to wonder.

To dovetail and repeat what I wrote the other night, referring to Joe BiteMe's "Obama's going to be tested" speech in 2008, we're seeing Obama's mettle now. He's out to lunch. He likes the perks of the Presidency but cannot handle the responsibility. The world has looked to the United States for leadership, and he's downgraded us into a nation that follows instead of leads.

This is the end result of someone who votes "present." They never take a hard position, only follow and try to grab the credit afterwards.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Liberal AlterNet Blog Launches New Racist Attack on Hermain Cain

A little over one month after calling him a "monkey in the window," the liberal AlterNet website launched a new racist attack on Herman Cain as a sellout to blacks and "apologist for white racism."

Near the end of his piece, author Chaunce DeVega also attacks not only Clarence Thomas, but also Juan Williams.
Some have asked why I call black conservatives such as Herman Cain the "garbage pail kids" of American politics. It is not because they lack political vision. Nor is it a suggestion that black conservatives belong on the refuse pile of American history. I use this phrase because black conservatives have embraced a party that (especially given its current love of know-nothing politics) is hostile to a community to which they should have some nominal sense of attachment and commitment. With their ideology rejected by the African-American community, black conservatives are now quislings who seek solace in the arms of those who may hold people of color in low regard, but reward them for their novelty--and loyalty.

This critique of Herman Cain is not "just" about race or long-running political differences in the black community. No, this conversation is also about the reality that black conservatives are the spearhead and smokescreen for a range of policies that are hostile to the interests of the working- and middle-classes, and which support the dismantlement of the social safety net in this country.

Consider the following rogues' gallery and their relationship to the contemporary Tea Party GOP. Justice Clarence Thomas plays the role of an ethically embattled black
golem who sleeps through hearings and only offers comment in support of the most draconian and right-wing positions. Juan Williams plays the role of a teeth-baring attack dog that slams NPR for "racism" and "elitism," thus legitimating the right's efforts to defund any media outlets that offer a voice contrary to Fox News. Michael Steele plays the "anti-Obama" -- a buffoon who promised to bring the "fried chicken" and "potato salad" in order to win the black vote. And Herman Cain plays the race minstrel, a projection of white fantasies and a magic salve that tells conservatives racism is gone, and any attacks against the Tea Party GOP that dare to suggest otherwise are dirty pool.

Ultimately, for any candidate running under the Tea Party brand, expressing reverence for the "Founding Fathers" and a cartoonish version of the U.S. Constitution is mandatory -- and, in this, Herman Cain, speaking in New Hampshire, did not disappoint. In a manner typical of "original intent" constitutional fetishists, Cain dodged any criticism which points out the obvious fact that the Founding Fathers were slave-holding hypocrites, and the Constitution itself was a pro-slavery document. But, then again, in Herman Cain's world, race-segregated drinking fountains did no harm; it's all about the water. In the very white world of the Tea Party, that reassurance is, no doubt, most welcome.
Apparently, thinking as an individual means selling out, in Chauncey DeVega's mind.

Obama Finally Speaks on Libya This Afternoon, Pissing Off University of Texas Fans In The Process

Well, my dad was one of them, when the Golfer/Vacationer-in-Chief decided to (finally) speak on Libya this afternoon, right before the University of Texas vs. Oakland University basketball game ended.
Did President Obama wait until the University of Texas-Oakland University NCAA basketball game was out of reach before making comments on the situation in Libya?

At 2 PM today, President Obama was scheduled to comment on Libya. 2 PM came and went without Obama, and there was no word from the White House on why there was a delay.

Finally, at around 2:20 PM, President Obama gave his brief remarks.

One of the three TV sets in the SportsNewser office was tuned to CBS, where a great game between Oakland and Texas was underway…

This got us thinking: was President Obama or his staff waiting for the game to end, or at least become out of reach, before making the statement on Libya?

As it happened, Obama ended up making his remarks right as the game became more or less unwinnable for Oakland, with Texas securing an eight point lead with about 30 seconds left to play.

CBS stations across the country–including those in San Francisco and Austin–went to a split-screen, with half the screen carrying the remarks, and the other half carrying the end of the game (see above).

There are actually a number of reasons why the President would wait on the game before making the remarks.

The biggest is that he wants the largest possible audience to see it, and there were no guarantees that CBS–which probably has the most viewers of any network at 2 PM today– would carry the comments if the basketball game was close.
His speech was a whole lotta nothing, showing how much of an empty suit he is. The United States, under the Chicago Jesus, is now a follower instead of a leader.

Then, it was off to Rio. All that golfing, Final Four picking, and partying calls for a break, while pressing matters in the United States and the world can wait.

Related: Hillary's "fed up" with the incompetence of The Regime and says she's leaving after this term. When she asked who do you want answering the phone at 3AM, she wasn't joking.

Cyber Stalker Who Threatened Ann Althouse Apparently Found, Lives In Hippie Commune

In the post with the FreedomWorks videos, I mentioned that Ann Althouse and her husband, who blogged from the Wisconsin State Capitol during the union temper tantrum, were threatened yesterday from some left-wing nut who obviously watched Pulp Fiction one too many times.

Well, the person has apparently been found. Gateway Pundit links to Robert S. McCain and The Underground Conservative, who found this photo below of the alleged writer of the threat and his girlfriend.

This is wannabe thug Jim Shankman and his girlfriend Anna Louise Ogden Nussbaum:

You can write your own caption for this picture. Or, to borrow my friend Fred’s game at RDW: Caption this!

McCain found the following about Ogden-Nussbaum:

Ogden-Nussaum’s leftist leanings can be seen in a December 2002 story in the Madison Capital Times about more than 500 local residents who signed a “Not in Our Name” ad against the Iraq war. Here is a January 2003 press release from “Not in Our Name” Madison. In case you didn’t know, “Not in Our Name” is an anti-war front group established by Clark Kissinger, ex-SDS national leader and member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, a Maoist sect.

More info: Shankman and Ogden-Nussbaum are evidently co-proprietors of a Web site called “Free University of the General Strike.” The concept of the “general strike” (and the allied concept of “direct action”) are associated with anarcho-syndicalism, the chief U.S. proponents of which were the IWW.

So it seems that what we’ve got here is a couple of 21st-century Wobblies.

As well as being arrested during a Critical Mass ride opposing the 2004 Republican National Convention (I'm familiar with the antics of those nutcakes from living in the Bay Area).

Underground Conservative also found out more about the hippie commune this guy and his girl live at.

If they did write the threat against Alhouse and Meade, I'm wondering if Vice President Joe Bite Me will personally call them and offer his support for their work in using their muscle to keep the (in his words) "barbarians from the gate."

RELATED: John Notle at Big Government has a look at 20-Days of Left Wing Thuggery In Wisconsin, When Will Obama, Democrats and MSM Call For Civility?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

VP Biden Sides With Union Thugs In Conference Call, Praises Them For Keeing "Barbarians From The Gate"

After the tragic shooting in Tucson, AZ this past January, there was a lot of talk about "civility" from liberals and the Obama Regime, directed mostly at conservatives for a tragedy we had no part in.

In the last few weeks, after the assaults, death threats, vandalism, and other acts of thuggery committed by Left-wing allied labor unions against Republicans, bloggers and Tea Party activists, you don't hear anymore about the "new tone."

In fact, Vice President Joe Bite Me praised the union thugs today (TheBlaze).
During a conference call with thousands of activists Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden joined Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka in commending union protesters for standing up to Republicans across the country.

“You guys built the middle class,“ Biden said during the ”virtual town hall” conversation hosted by the AFL-CIO. “I would just emphasize what Hilda [Solis] said and say it slightly different: We don’t see the value of collective bargaining, we see the absolute positive necessity of collective bargaining.

“Let’s get something straight,” he continued. “The only people who have the capacity — organizational capacity and muscle — to keep, as they say, the barbarians from the gate, is organized labor. And make no mistake about it, the guys on the other team get it. They know if they cripple labor, the gate is open, man. The gate is wide open. And we know that too.”

...In a more impassioned plea, Biden criticized conservatives for their “orgy” of greed, which he claimed led to the recent economic downturn.

“I find this ridiculous,” he said. “The very philosophy, the very conservative people who got us in this ditch, who created — through their greed — this orgy of focusing on the super wealthy and Wall Street without regulations, the very people who drove us into this ditch, are now the people using you guys as the scapegoats. This is what you call blaming the victim. The people of the neighborhoods we all grew up in and you guys live in, organized labor, they’re the very people getting killed right now by this economy. And the audacity these guys that come along and say, ‘Hey, this is the fault of collective bargaining’ — that is malarkey.”
Well if collecitve bargaining is so great, then why don't federal employees have it, Vice President Bite Me?

Pay attention, because every time a Democrat and especially this Regime, talks about "working Americans," they mean union only. Because the unions grease the rails for the Democrats. Bite Me and Obama could care less about those of us who are non-union workers who had to sacrifice for the sake of keeping a job.

We Won in Wisconsin....But The Fight Isn't Over

Ben Howe at FreedomWorks has put together an excellent video, illustrating the budget deficits facing the states, and how we won in Wisconsin. I urge you to watch this!

Ben is following that up with another video in regards to Ohio below:

And yes, the fight isn't over. While the rest of us worked, the Union goons were in the streets of DC yesterday, protesting a fundraiser for the Wisconsin GOP.

The death threats and harassment continue as well, against Wisconsin Senators, as well as blogger Ann Althouse and husband, Meade (all ignored by the lapdog media and gatekeepers of "civility").

If you'd like to get involved, you can join up with FreedomWorks at, where you can become active and hook up with fellow patriots in your area.

"Looney" Lynn Woolsey Attacks Gen. Petraeus, Compares Him To Drugged Out, Truther Actor

My former Congressperson, "Looney" Lynn Woolsey shoots her mouth off again. (The Hill, via HotAir)
Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.) on Wednesday sharply criticized David Petraeus, the commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, and signaled agreement with an assessment from a Rolling Stone editor who likened the commander’s performance to that of Charlie Sheen.

Woolsey said the Congressional Progressive Caucus Peace and Security Task Force held a briefing on Tuesday with Michael Hastings of Rolling Stone and other panelists, where Hastings said:

“General Petraeus is giving us the Charlie Sheen counter-insurgency strategy, which is to give exclusive interviews to every major network, and to keep saying ‘we’re winning’ and hope the public actually agrees with you.”

Som you're comparing the top general in Afghanistan to some drugged out, drunken actor who's also a 9/11 Troofer. What do you base that piece of analysis on, Lynn? Some Congressional testimony from a writer for a rag only read by drunked, drugged out liberals? That's how this loon keeps getting re-elected, because her district is made up of mostly aging hippies in Marin/Sonoma Counties whose brains were fried by the acid they injested at Grateful Dead concerts in the 1960s & 70s.

If anything, Lynn Woolsey needs to follow Charlie Sheen to the nearest funny farm.