Wednesday, February 16, 2011

While Johnny Spann's Children Grow Up Without Their Father, Traitor John Walker Lindh Goes To College

Johnny Michael Spann was killed during a prison uprising in Afghanistan, becoming the first casualty of the War on Terror in November 2001. He is survived by two daughters and a young son.

One of the last people Spann had contact with before his death was a young American from Marin County California, John Walker Lindh, a Muslim convert who had been captured in the fighting. It is possible that Lindh knew of the planned uprising and did not tell Spann.

While Johnny Spann's children grow up without their father, Lindh the traitor who trained in an al-Queda camp and allegedly met Osama bin Laden, is taking college courses in prison, according to his permissive father (AP).

Frank Lindh told students at the University of San Francisco School of Law on Wednesday that his son, now 30, spends his days studying ancient Islamic texts and is earning a liberal arts degree at Indiana University.

"He's a very calm and centered person," Frank Lindh said of his son. "He's very spiritual. He does his daily prayers. He's an observant Muslim. We talk heart to heart a lot."

John Walker Lindh is being held in special unit of a Terre Haute, Ind., federal prison that holds mostly Muslim inmates whose communications with the outside world are restricted.

Rights groups have criticized the unit as discriminatory. The Bureau of Prisons says the units are intended to house those for whom outside contact poses a heightened security risk but who don't need to be placed in the federal SuperMax prison in Florence, Colo.

...The younger Lindh is a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit against the prison bureau seeking permission to hold daily prayer groups in the cell block. Lindh and a fellow inmate claim the prison's policy restricting group prayer in the Communications Management Unit violates their religious rights.

Frank Lindh's appearance at the school is a part of his long-running campaign to clear his son's name of what he calls false accusations leveled by government officials and the media claiming his son was a terrorist.

Lindh contends his son was serving with the Taliban only to protect civilians who were being victimized by the Northern Alliance, who were fighting a civil war to topple the Taliban government and who became U.S. allies following the invasion of
Afghanistan after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Of course, Lindh was also delusional enough to call his treasonous son "a great American" after his 2002 plea deal.

Frank Lindh shows again the selfish "me first" attitude of a Marin County liberal. He cares more about his traitor son than the family of a fallen American hero whom his son did not help.

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Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Little Johnny Taliban. I'd almost forgotten about his miserable existence. And the existence of his miserable parents.

Frank Lindh is a typical Leftist/Prog who doesn't see the US as the Good Guys, but rather as the exploiter of the masses worldwide.

Frank needs to go live in a third-world country. Maybe show up in the middle of Cairo during a protest. Or maybe take a trip to a bar in Cuidad Juarez. Bet that will open his mind. Literally.