Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Washington ComPost-Owned Calls Sarah Palin "Cunt" In Headline

Kristinn Taylor, writing at Gateway Pundit, describes the latest misogynistic attack by the lapdog media on Sarah Palin.
Washington Post owned used a crude misogynist wordplay to call Sarah Palin a c*** in a headline for an article published Tuesday about a supposed secret Sarah Palin Facebook account.

The headline reads: Sarah Palin Uses Alternate Facebook Accunt To Praise Sarah Palin

The article, posted in Slate’s “Slatest” section, is based on an article from Wonkette titled, Sarah Palin Has Secret ‘Lou Sarah’ Facebook Account To Praise Other Sarah Palin Facebook Account, that in a rare show of class for Wonkette does not use the sexist slur in the article.

Two commenters at Slatest criticized Slate for the slur with one writing, “I’ve let go of my reflexive typo pointing in the Slatest, but Facebook accunt? on a Sarah Palin’s tidbit, come on guys, at least get a basic spellcheck function.”

Given Slate’s prominence as a respected part of the mainstream media with professional standards to uphold, an innocent typo of this magnitude with this subject is highly unlikely.(For the benefit of Media Matters senior blogger Eric Boehlert, try to imagine Slate “accidentally” doing the same to Michelle Obama or Nancy Pelosi. It wouldn’t happen.)

During the 2008 presidential campaign, liberal activists paraded in public wearing t-shirts emblazoned in large lettering, “Sarah Palin is a c***” with the c-word fully spelled out.

The Slate article itself does not bear a timestamp, but the comments begin at 5:18 p.m., meaning the article with the offensive headline has been up for nearly four hours as of this writing.
The screenshot of the article I posted above was taken about 7:15 a.m. EDT, so this headline has been up now for FOURTEEN (14) hours.

Washington ComPost, you have some 'splainin' to do!

And to dismiss this is just a simple misspelling is to ignore the fact similar slurs have happened to conservative women/minorities before.


His name is Niger Innis.

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