Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sacramento Union Thug LIES To Media About His Assault On Tea Party Member

As a follow up to the story from late last night about the assault by a union thug on a Tea Party member in Sacramento, Jane Jamison at Uncoverage has the following video of the thug lying to the local media, making it sound like the thug was defending himself.
We have in that report video (and there are more on YouTube) which clearly showed 28-year-old Teamster Richard Andazola as part of a “surge” of union members who left their assigned protest area, and crossed a street to confront Tea Party protesters. Andazola violently pushed Tea Party-er Rodney Stanhope, injuring his throat and hand. [ Stanhope went to the hospital for treatment. Chuck DeVore reports today he has a welt on his throat and bruised hand from the assault.]

Steve Kemp of Golden Gate Minutemen was at the rally videotaping. After the thug Andazola was cited for battery by Sacramento police, he gave an astounding “version” of what happened to a local television reporter.
Steve has the following video so you can compare the FACTS, with the SPIN of the lying union goon. This is what they do, folks.

Also check out the “civil discourse” of the big meathead with a bullhorn at the beginning of the tape and at the very, very end.
Here's another video:

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