Thursday, February 24, 2011

Obama Regime Seizes Judicial Power; Refuses To Defend Defense of Marriage Act

Showing complete disregard for his oath of office, Barack Hussein Obama has apparently instructed his InJustice Department to not defend the Defense of Marriage Act against court challenges (Rolling Stoned).

Of course, the liberal potheads at Rolling Stoned would applaud it as "principled," but Obama's decision is a complete violation of his oath of office. In a sense, he's said "drop dead" to the concept of "separation of powers" in our Constitution, and made himself the Supreme Court.

The hypocrisy of this decision is that liberals always attack or question conservative jurists on whether or not they can "separate their personal religious beliefs in defending laws they don't agree with." Liberals can never do that. They always govern based on their ideology. Witness Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown's refusal to defend Prop 8, even though the majority of Californians approved that ballot measure.

Gay Patriot summed it up astutely:
Should a President who both knowingly signs a law that is unconstitutional (Obamacare) AND who refuses to defend a law (DOMA) passed by Congress and signed by a President that he deems to be unconstitutional be charged with impeachment?

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Trish said...

King Obama has spoken; let that now be the law of the land.
Hi unrivaled arrogance combined with his completely far left agenda, is going to ruin this country.