Saturday, February 26, 2011

MoveOn Member To Black Tea Partier "You're On Koch's Plantation"

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit was covering the dueling protests between the union supporting liberals and the patriots of the St. Louis Tea Party when he got the following video of black Tea Party member Stephanie Rubach:

Rubach was told by one of the MorOns that she was "on Koch's Plantation," referring to the Koch Brothers.

As posted here, liberal supporting labor unions were in the Top 20 campaign donors for the 2010 campaign cycle. Koch Industries ranked number 83.

Jim also got a photo of this "classy" sign.

Speaking of classless, Gabriel Malor (h/t Sister Toldjah) who blogs at Ace of Spades, took this photo at a pro-union protest in DC Today.

I'm sure all this extremism and bigotry above, as well as the beating of conservative women, anti Semitic remarks, and anti-gay slurs, will lead tomorrow's Sunday shows.

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