Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Union Thuggery: Tea Party Member Assaulted In Sacramento

On Tuesday, Massachusetts Democrat Mike Capuno said the following to union members at a rally:

"Every once in a while you gotta get out in the streets and get a little bloody when necessary."

Since he's uttered those words, a conservative female activist in Washington DC was assaulted by a union thug, another conservative was called a "bad Jew." Another union brute told a cameraman he'd "f**k you in the ass you faggot." Today, a black Tea Party member was told she was on the "Koch Plantation."

Now, in Sacramento, CA, a Tea Party member was assaulted and injured by another union thug.

Chuck DeVore writes about the attack at Big Government.
Sacramento’s ABC News 10 reported on the union rally and Tea Party counter rally in Sacramento today. ABC’s online report makes cursory mention of an incident of union violence directed at Tea Party activist Rodney Stanhope: “Police cited one man
for battery after he allegedly shoved a tea party supporter.”

I spoke to Stanhope, as he drove to the hospital for x-rays and treatment for the injuries sustained at the rally, and asked him what happened. Mr. Stanhope said that he was with a group of about 150 Tea Party activists across the street from the union rally. A union man with a bullhorn, Richard Andazola, 28, was yelling across the street at the Tea Party activists, calling them “fascists.”

Then one of the Tea Party activists, also bullhorn equipped, replied, “We pay your salary!”

This enraged Andazola, who, according to Stanhope, rushed the Tea Partiers, chanting “Fascists go home! Fascists go home!” He violently shoved Stanhope twice, the second time apparently striking Stanhope in the throat:

Somehow in the melee, Stanhope’s hand was also injured

We will be posting more footage and further coverage once it becomes available.

Stay tuned for an in-depth write up from an eyewitness on the scene.

For all the alleged violence, racism and homophobia that the Tea Party movement has been accused of over the last couple of years (with no proof) we have, in one week, more documented video evidence of the Tea Party being the victims of violence, racism, and homophobia by Democrat allied union members.

But you won't find any mention of this on your cable news network.

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