Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Union Thuggery From DC; Anti-Gay Slurs Yelled At Cameraman In Rhode Island--Media Silent

Here's some more footage of the union thugs who were bussed to the FreedomWorks offices yesterday, thanks to Julie Borowski of FreedomWorks.

You see NBC 4 reporters in the crowd, but did that footage, or the assault by union thugs against Tabitha Hale get mentioned? No.

Then, in Providence RI on Tuesday, a cameraman at a union rally was assaulted by another union thug, who yelled at him, at about 7:32 in the video below, "I'll f**k you in the ass you faggot!".

Women assaulted, anti-gay slurs yelled, ALL OF IT on video. But did you hear about that on CNN or MSNBC?

Now compare that to last March, when the Congressional Black Caucus made up the allegation they were called the "n-word" by Tea Party members, and it was repeated endlessly on CNN, MSNBC as though it was the gospel truth. Never mind all the video footage that day showed no racial slurs were uttered.

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