Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Iowa GOP Focus Group Thinks Obama Is Muslim, Supports A Palin Candidacy

Sean Hannity had a Frank Luntz focus group in Iowa on his program last night, to discuss the current unrest in Egypt and 2012.

I'm sure there will be much fodder for liberals, as a good number of the audience think Obama is Muslim, based on his downplay of the Muslim Brotherhood, and I'm sure also because of his support of the 9/11 victory mosque, and saying once the Muslim call to prayer was the sweetest sound he'd heard.

Personally, I agree with what Todd Beamer's father, David, said about Obama. I don't know if he's a Muslim, but "he sure is a Muslim sympathizer, and he has the track record to prove it.

But the most interesting aspect of the focus group that will really get liberals head exploding was when the topic of Presidential candidates came up. When Sarah Palin's name was mentioned, there was an overwhelming "yes."

Could it be that, in the remembrances of Ronald Reagan and his unwavering attitude towards the Left and the Soviet Union, people want another leader like that and see that in Sarah Palin?

Of course, the naysayers will point to polls showing how she is behind in matchups with Obama. But keep in mind, polls in May 1980 showed Jimmy Carter winning over Ronald Reagan.

The liberal media attacks her and points to these polls because they fear her. That's probably why we have another illegitimate Reagan child, his spoiled brat daughter Patti, saying she'd make Reagan "turn over in his grave." Yeah, coming from the brat who dropped her father's name and signed on to the nuclear freeze movement that opposed him.

Like the old saying goes, it took Jimmy Carter to get Ronald Reagan....

Now it looks like it will take Barack Hussein Obama to bring another great leader....

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I personally agree with you that as a good number of the audience think Obama is Muslim. But that is not true he is a Muslim sympathizer. Thanks for this post.