Thursday, February 17, 2011

GOProud Booted From Next Year's CPAC; Ron Paul Warned As Well

Donald Douglas at American Power is reporting that the new head of the American Conservative Union (who puts on the annual CPAC) Al Cardenas is stating that the ACU will be screening groups who sponsor the event.

Cardenas said:
"It's got nothing to do with your orientation. It's got to do with the principles that you advocate. There are a number of gays in America who don't advocate gays in the military issue or gay marriage. And so they'll fit within the tent of what we stand for...It's not that easy. It's complicated. But we'll do our best to be inclusive while at the same time adhering to the principles that Ronald Reagan dreamed about and we've been following."

Warner Todd Huston also reports that Cardenas is putting Ron Paul on notice, after the rude behavior of his supporters seen on Thursday towards Donald Trump, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.

If it's time to screen groups who may be pushing other agendas besides conservatism, let's ditch the John Birch Society and Muslim Brotherhood apologists as well.

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