Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Drugged Up Liberal Film Directors In The News

Just the other day, Korey Rowe, the director of the 9/11 Troofer film "Loose Change" and an Army vet who went AWOL from his unit, was arrested for selling drugs to an undercover police officer (Fox News via This Ain't Hell).
Oneonta police tell the Daily Star of Oneonta that 27-year-old Korey Rowe and a 19-year-old Bronx man were arrested after selling packets of heroin to an undercover officer.

Rowe was arraigned last Friday on a felony count of criminal sale of a controlled substance.

Authorities say the Oneonta resident was released from Otsego County Jail after posting $10,000 cash bail.
In other news, liberal director Oliver Stone lifted his head out of the mountain of cocaine on his desk to sing the praises of Hugo Chavez, and attack the Bush family (Fox News).
Liberal and conservative ideologies collided last week at Pepperdine University as legendary filmmaker Oliver Stone, defending his views on U.S. foreign policy, the bias of mass media, South America and Hugo Chavez, appeared before students following a screening of his latest documentary.

But he also devotes most of the movie's screen time to Chavez, a man who, Stone believes, is a simple public servant with simple dreams to recapture the more peaceful Venezuela of his childhood.

“He's an honest man,” Stone said of Chavez on Thursday. “I sense no corruption in him.”

“People who are accustomed to power, like the Bush family, are not very human,” Stone said. “Those people are scared of me. They view me as a radical, as a bomb thrower.”
To believe all that BS (whether it's 9/11 theories or supporting Hugo Chavez), you really have to be on drugs.

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