Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bay Area Democrat Political Consultants Attempting Blackmail Of Darrell Issa

Anyone who has been following the Obama Regime for the last couple of years knows there's been a lot of fishy deals going down the pike. So, is it any wonder that Democrat political consultants connected to Hillary, Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer, are making an attempt to derail the investigation by Congressman Darrell Issa by making Issa a target (Joe Garofoli - SFGate).
SoCal's own Rep. Darrell Issa is known as "chief Congressional tormentor" of the Obama Administration. And, as chair of the House Oversight and Government reform Committee he can torment -- i.e. investigate -- with a lot more freedom, now that he's backed by a GOP-led House.

Now some of San Francisco's finest bare-knuckled political consultants are pushing back. The crew at SCN Strategies has started a group called Third Lantern -- check the Paul Revere reference here -- that is aimed at tormenting the tormentor. Its name: The Issa Files.

How good are these tormentors? They started the anti-Meg Whitman snowball rolling with their oppo research/bash crew called Level the Playing Field 2010. They're led by the Doctor of Death of Opposition Research (h/t Comrade Marinucci) Ace Smith, who charted Hillary Clinton's prez campaign and Jerry Brown's AG runs; Dan Newman, who helped fend off Carly Fiorina for Sen. Barbara Boxer and who believes the arc of marijuana reform bends toward justice; and Sean Clegg, who was also a mastermind behind Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom's winning Lite Guv campaign and the Level the Playing Field throw-down. Ex-Boxerite Jeff Millman will be working it from LA.

SCN's biggest accomplishment, perhaps: They won a Chronnie last fall for their poltiical beat-downs.

And they say they have stuff that hasn't been reported by The Chronicle back in 2003 when Issa was running for Guv or that was recently reheated by The New Yorker.
So there must be something to all these investigations, especially if all these Democrat hacks can do is personally attack Issa, instead of refuting him.

If I were the Congressman, I'd put an end to these Nixonian tactics from these libs by charging them with blackmail.

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