Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Another WTF Moment--2012 Democrat Convention In Charlotte, NC Has A Communist Ring To It

I received the following e-mail from Michelle Obama yesterday, sans the dietary lecture.
Friend --

I am thrilled to make sure you are the first to hear some very exciting news. Charlotte, North Carolina, will host the 46th Democratic National Convention in 2012.

Charlotte is a city marked by its southern charm, warm hospitality, and an "up by the bootstraps" mentality that has propelled the city forward as one of the fastest-growing in the South. Vibrant, diverse, and full of opportunity, the Queen City is home to innovative, hardworking folks with big hearts and open minds. And of course, great barbecue.

Barack and I spent a lot of time in North Carolina during the campaign -- from the
Atlantic Coast to the Research Triangle to the Smoky Mountains and everywhere in between. Barack enjoyed Asheville so much when he spent several days preparing for the second Presidential debate that our family vacationed there in 2009.

And my very first trip outside of Washington as First Lady was to Fort Bragg, where I started my effort to do all we can to help our heroic military families.

All the contending cities were places that Barack and I have grown to know and love, so it was a hard choice. But we are thrilled to be bringing the convention to Charlotte.
We hope many of you can join us in Charlotte the week of September 3rd, 2012. But if you can't, we intend to bring the spirit of the convention -- as well as actual, related events to your community and even your own backyard.

More than anything else, we want this to be a grassroots convention for the people. We will finance this convention differently than it's been done in the past, and we will make sure everyone feels closely tied in to what is happening in Charlotte. This will be a different convention, for a different time.

To help us make sure this is a grassroots convention -- The People's Convention -- we need to hear from you. We want to know what you'd like to see at next year's convention, how and where you plan on watching it -- and the very best way we can engage your friends and neighbors.
Wow! The People's where have we heard that before?
The People's Convention was a "people's government" that was proposed by communist elements in the United Kingdom in 1940–1941. Its advocates attempted to persuade Labour Party and trade union members that the current government as solely for the rich and was dominated by those who through appeasement had "caused" the Second World War, who opposed the Soviet Union, and who were profiteering from the war. Its literature did not, however, explicitly state that it was communist-backed.

The Convention was the initiative of the Hammersmith Trades Council and Labour Party and Denis Nowell Pritt, Member of Parliament for North Hammersmith, who had both been expelled from the Labour Party in 1940. It was backed by Palme Dutt, Robin Page Arnot, Harry Pollitt, and Willie Gallacher, all well-known communists. Many of the founder members were members of the People's Vigilance Committee, which had been formed by communists expelled from the Labour Party.
Anytime you hear the word "People's", think communist. Like People's History of the United States (written by communist Howard Zinn) or The People's Temple, or The People's Republic of China.

I wonder if they'll be playing "The Internationale" instead of "The Star Spangled Banner." And yet they don't want to be called "socialists!"

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