Sunday, February 20, 2011

Andrew Breitbart Is Ill With "Walker Pneumonia"

I'm sorry to see that Andrew Breitbart has been sticken with Walker Pneumonia, according to a "doctor" (read: quack) in Madison, Wisconsin yesterday.

I'd like to pass along my best wishes to Andrew for a speedy recovery, and hoping that these doctors and teachers involved in their little scheme get punished. From what I understand, what they did yesterday is in violation of the law.

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sofa said...

in violation of the law?

anytone paying attention has been disgusted these last few years, since THERE IS NO LAW. Government officials and unions and illegals and politicians and banksters- Are all not held accountable.

We are without the rule of law. If any oath keepers actually kept their oaths- Then the whole lot of them (the teachers) would be in prison. And DC would be empty. And the country would not be in this mess.

Without the rule of law.