Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well, Well, Well....Look What I Found Here About Sarah Palin

All this garbage from the hateful Left who are accusing her of being an accessory to murder and assassination.

Her church was firebombed in December 2008.

One Democrat politician wished she had died in the plane crash that killed Ted Stevens.
Other libs piled on...
Vile and ugly comedienne Sandra Bernhardt: Palin would be "gang-raped" by blacks in Manhattan.
File vile comedienne Kathy Griffin wants to attack Palin daughter Willow, age 16 .

One liberal scumbag last Demceber in Fairfax asked me if "her retarded son" was at her booksigning.
Yet where were all the calls for "civility" from the Left and their allies in the media?

Where was that phony women's group NOW, decrying violence against a woman?

There was NONE! Because they've hated her with a passion since 2008. Because she destroys the feminist template that women have to be liberals to get ahead. Because she had her down syndrome son instead of aborting him. Because she's articulate and attracts people.
For those "sins" and because she is a threat to their power, the liberal establishment has wanted to destroy her by any means necessary.

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Kitty C said...

It's all a case of jealousy. Sarah is an a self relient individual and not a victim. If the libs can't have those charactoristics, then Sarah can't. The libs have a mental desease that has arrested thier maturity growth. They are stuck at 8 years old.