Thursday, January 06, 2011

"National Embarrassment" & "Moral Blight?" That's YOU, Lynn Woolsey: Terrorist Enabler & Rapist Defender

My former Congresswoman, "Looney" Lynn Woolsey from Marin & Sonoma County, CA, shot off her treasonous mouth again today, giving aid and comfort to al-Queda while slamming the service of the men and women of our military (Real Clear Politics, via This Ain't Hell), by calling the Afghanistan War “an epic failure, a national embarrassment and a moral blight on this country.”

Never mind that Lynn Woolsey voted to approve force against those responsible for the attacks on September 11, 2001 in a joint resolution three days after the attacks. Only her partner in crime, Barbara Lee from Oakland, dared to vote against the resolution. Woolsey even stated after President Bush's 2002 State of the Union address she "supported his policies in Afghanistan." But that was a time when most Democrats knew opposing the fight against al-Queda was political suicide, especially when the treasonous John Walker Lindh comes from your Congressional District. It angered most of the gray-haired hippie Deadheads in the Marin Appeasement & Injustice Coalition, who are her base

When it was time to win elections for Democrats, then it was time for Lynn Woolsey to lead the Treason Lobby in the United States Congress, and become a defacto advocate for the the defeat of our military in the War on Terror.

If you want to talk about "a national embarrassment and moral blight on this country" Lynn Woolsey? I suggest you go look in the mirror.

*When Cindy Sheehan was arrested for trying to interrupt President Bush's 2006 State of the Union address, who gave that media whore the guest pass to attend the address? Lynn Woolsey did.

*Woolsey has allied herself several times with Code Pinko, the Islamic terror apologists who have given monetary aid to the enemy in Iraq in 2004, and held protests since 2005 outside Water Reed Army Medical Center. Woolsey has worked with this group and other far-Left groups to force defeat for US troops in Iraq.

*In her opposition to the Iraq War, Woolsey has spoken at rallies held by communist front groups. Even in 1999, Woolsey was listed as a co-sponsor for the People's Weekly World Gala Banquet. People's Weekly world is the Communist party's newspaper.

*Lynn Woolsey has voted against resolutions honoring 9/11 victims, and honoring the Muslim holiday of Ramadan while shunning Christmas. She also voted against military tribunals for al-Queda terrorists, as well as surveillance of suspected terrorists. She has also sided with terrorists in joining the lawsuit against the NSA surveillance program. She also refused to co-sponsor an anti-Hamas bill in the Congress.

*It isn't just the enemies of America who Lynn Woolsey is willing to side with. She also voted against a resolution codemning a French city for honoring cop-killer Mumia abu-Jamal by naming a street after him. Woolsey also wrote a letter of reference for Stewart Pearson, who raped a 17 year old Terra Linda girl in 2003, because Pearson's mother had been an office employee of hers.

Lynn Woolsey is no different from members of her party from another time in our history, the Copperheads, who opposed the American Civil War and wanted to negotiate a "peace" with the Confederacy. The only reason she keeps getting re-elected is because most of her voters in Marin/Sonoma counties are retreads from the 1960s whose brains are fried from all the dope they smoked.

Instead of the power and responsibility of a member of Congress, Lynn Woolsey is a traitor who deserves instead a suit of molasses and feathers, as well as shame and mockery from patriotic Americans and famlies of those who serve our nation.

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