Saturday, January 22, 2011

Keith Olbermann Becomes Victim Of Obama's Wreckovery, Fired At MSNBC

Maybe Comcast decided he was too much, and decided to can MSNBC's High Priest of Hate, Keith "Droopy" Olbermann.

As Human Events reports, the departure raises a lot of questions as well.
(W)ho told Olbermann that this was going to be his last show?

Did the orders come from Comcast executives, despite denials from MSNBC, a mere three days after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved the merger between NBC and Comcast?

Or did the orders come from MSNBC’s top executive Phil Griffin (?), who has butted heads with Olbermann numerous times before.

In a statement, MSNBC did not offer any clues:

MSNBC released a statement stating “MSNBC and Keith Olbermann have ended their contract. The last broadcast of ‘Countdown with Keith Olbermann’ will be this evening. MSNBC thanks Keith for his integral role in MSNBC’s success and we wish him well in his future endeavors.”
Whatever the case:

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Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Don't believe the reports that this is MSNBC moving to the center. O'Donnell is far worse than Olbermann. He is Olbermann without a sense of humor.