Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Five Years Blogging

According to my calendar, it was five years ago today that I posted the inaugural post for this blog.

At that time, I was living with my family in Marin County, CA, and had previously written online and in various conservative forums (minus my paid editorial experience). I'd taken a break from writing for a couple of years prior to start a family, and, being irritated on a daily basis from the in your face libs in Moron County, I needed an outlet to vent and be at least one voice of conservative resistance.

I never envisioned what would have transpired over the next five years, that I'd still be writing this blog or even living in the Washington DC metro area. But I was then hooked on blogging after a post referencing a Marin IJ story on an anti-recruiting forum the local communist group was holding at San Rafael High School was referenced by Melanie Morgan, then at KSFO radio. That led to outraged citizens calling San Rafael High, who apparently (according to one person) were going to distribute flyers for the rally and decided not to after the outraged calls they received. Mel and KSFO became my first big supporters, and I've been forever grateful.

Since then, this blog has been referred to by other radio hosts and bloggers from around the nation, and I'm honored to have received your readership and support. Many of these bloggers and media personalities have also become good friends as well.

This past year has been the biggest year. Posts about the "One (Communist) Nation" Rally on October 2nd, the August 28th Glenn Beck rally "Restoring Honor," as well as the 912 March attracted a lot of attention and incoming traffic from the blogosphere. So did the coverage of the March 20th rally against Obamacare, where this blog was one of the first to bring video footage that exposed the lie being foisted on America by the lapdog media and Congressional Black Caucus--allegations that the Tea Party yelled racial slurs at black Congressman. I shot two videos at different times that day, a nine second clip (later given to Andrew Breitbart) and a 48 second video that showed no slurs. Other videos came out showing the same result--no evidence of racial slurs by the Tea Party.

Another note. This blog has been, and will always be, a strong, unapologetic supporter of our men and women in uniform who serve our nation and fight to protect our way of life and the freedoms we have, including our freedom of speech and expression. This is part of what drove me into blogging: exposing the phony Left-wing "peace" crowd who are for anything but peace, and are at best front groups for communist groups and apologists for terrorism (ie Code Pinko).

So, to all of you who've followed this blog since our earliest days, or found it through a web search or link, I'm honored to have your readership and support. Thank you so much! To all my blogging friends, I appreciate and thank you for your support, links and kind comments.

Now, onto year number six, as well as the next five years!

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