Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eugene Robinson & David Frum To Sarah Palin: Shut Up & Get Back In The Kitchen

Not literally, but that's the attitude of these two political pundits.

Robinson, a liberal writer for the Washington ComPost whose writings are essentially love letters to the Obama Regime, wrote the following:
IN the spirit of civil discourse, I'd like to humbly suggest that Sarah Palin please consider being quiet for a while. Perhaps a great while.

At the risk of being bold, I might observe that her faux-presidential address about the Tucson massacre seemed to fall somewhat flat, drawing comparisons to the least attractive public moments of such figures as Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew. I could go so far as to observe that Palin almost seemed to portray herself as a collateral victim. Surely a former governor of Alaska - who served the better part of an entire term - would never seek to give the impression that she views any conceivable event, no matter how distant or tragic, as being: All About Sarah.
Frum, is an alleged conservative who regularly attacks real conservative candidates and radio hosts for promoting conservatism. He thinks being more liberal and abandoning the principles of Reagan is the future for the GOP. He went on that bastion of liberal insanity called MSNBC and commented on Palin's appearance on Sean Hannity's show.
“She should stop talking now. ...There is no one left in America that would blame her.” ...What should have happened was that one video released should have been the end of it.”

Well, the problem is, what are you supposed to do when you have so many false allegations flying against you by lapdogs like the Washington ComPost and MSNBC?

She had to say something to counter the lies, contrary to Obama's lover Eugene Robinson's ridiculous "it's all about Sarah" claim. Notice also how he (in true liberal fashion) brings up Nixon and Agnew, though it could be argued that the Obama Regime is more Nixonesque than anything Palin has done.

Frum is, well, just Frum. He's desperately seeking an audience and like his liberal friends, is using this tragedy to promote his "No Labels" agenda.

I've got a label for them. Robinson and Frum are acting like typical male chauvinists, beating up on the girl and telling her to shut up and take it.

Besides, when George W. Bush was being lied about by the liberals and didn't respond, that strategery didn't help him.

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