Friday, January 14, 2011

David Frum's Levin Envy

David Frum is one of those guys who is such a loser, he projects himself onto other people who are more successful than he is, attempting to tear them down in order to make up for his own failures.

Mark Levin has been one of Frum's targets, so much so that Frum has embarrassed himself every time he makes one of his lame-ass attempts to take on "The Great One."

He does so again in his latest idiocy at his FrumForum.
Now, in the wake of this atrocious crime in Tucson, it sends him over the cliff that some people have unfairly blamed Sarah Palin for inciting the crime. What has that bimbo got that I, Mark Levin, have not got? Why is nobody unfairly blaming me?

Those feelings explain this otherwise baffling tirade on Levin’s show last night.

I’m waiting for an allegation that is very specific against me because I’m going to sue.
I don’t care if they’re bloggers. I don’t care if they’re television hosts. I don’t care if they’re radio hosts.

I’m going to drag your ass into Federal Court.

Oh, you’ll have due process. They’ll all be nice and legal.

I’m going to personally depose you. I’m going to drag you in front of a jury. And I’m going to get your assets.

Somebody has to stand up to this. Somebody has to draw the line.

Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Joe Scarborough, test me. Test me. David Frum, you little weasel, test me. All of you.

I believe in the law. I believe in free speech. I believe in responsible speech. Now, you want people to tone it down? OK, good.

Anybody who accuses me of inciting mass-murder in Tuscon, AZ, is going to be sued. Period.

I don’t mean, ‘oh, his rhetoric is incendiary’. Anybody who tries to tie me to that monstrous event.

I’m going to tell you why. When you get behind this microphone everyday and you speak from the heart and millions of people are listening and family and friends they’re listening too. They’re affected by all these things.

Now, I’m a public figure, I’m a big boy, I can handle this. The question is whether these other boys can handle it.

You think I’m kidding? Try me! Because I’m not kidding.

The laws of libel are actually older than the First Amendment. And it is something I am prepared to use.

You’re on notice.
Nice try, David. Levin didn't have "Palin envy" as you assert. You (conveniently) left out that he was responding to that other lightweight, Chris "Thrill up my Leg" Matthews' claim that Levin and Michael Weiner are part of the "ugly talk" that Matthews (nor Frum or any other lib) has no proof contributed to the Tucson shooting, because he (Levin) has not made any death threats against anyone on his show.

Frum goes on:
This outburst reminds me of the Jewish joke whose punchline is “Look who thinks he’s nothing.”
A little anti-Semitism there, Frum?

Plus, what kind of conservative takes the word of an interview by a victim from Democracy Now anyway?

David Frum has proved again how he's a nothing, trying desperately to be someone. Give it up, David!

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