Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Capt. Owen Honors Getting Support From Former USS Enterprise Sailor Who Is Also Gay

I first learned about the trumped up "scandal" involving Capt. Owen Honors of the USS Enterprise the other day, watching the video posted at This Ain't Hell.

Later that day, I saw that Capt. Honors had been relieved of command by the Navy for the videos, which were made at least four years ago and (obviously) intended as comedy and morale boosters.

Tonight, a former USS Enterprise sailor, who is also gay, is coming out in support of Capt. Honors (WTKR h/t Skye via Twitter).

Former Petty Officer Eric Prenger is openly gay since leaving the Navy. He's now leading an effort to organize other gay former Enterprise sailors to support Capt. Honors.

He says, "Myself, nor the other gay crew members that I knew of at the time, were ever offended by those videos."

Prenger says depression set in because of long deployments in 2006 and 2007 aboard the Enterprise. He says Capt. Honors' videos ventured to lift spirits.

"Obviously my initial reaction was a little bit of a shock to see a Commander, a person of such high rank doing the things he was doing," Prenger says.

Things like mimicked masturbation, and implied nudity and more were included in the videos. However, Prenger says he saw the sketches as pure comedy, not a slight against gay sailors.

"To see them call him such names as anti-gay or gay basher or homophobe, for people to say that who didn't even know him or weren't even there to serve under him, it's pretty frustrating," Prenger says.

He now hopes his group for gay former sailors supporting Capt. Honors will appeal the defense officials in Washington. Prenger is pushing to get the decision to relieve Capt. Honors of his command reversed.

Prenger says, "He was a great man to serve under and this was an unfortunate circumstance and if I can do my part in any way, I'd be more than happy to do so."
I mean, honestly, I've seen worse stuff on HBO for that matter than what Honors production was. There's where the hypocrisy lies. Hell, listen to gay comic (and hateful lib) Margaret Cho. Tell me, how many times does the word "faggot" fly out her lips?

This whole episode reminds me of something similar that happened in San Francisco back in 2005, when videos made by members of the SF Police Department were used as political fodder by liberal Mayor "Greasy" Gavin Newsom and the politically correct Police Chief Heather Fong, just so Newsom could slither his way up the California political ladder.

I'm sure the radical homosexual community will try to slur Prenger and his group as traitors to the gay community. That's too bad, because if anyone would know better about the type of person Honors is, it's the people who serve under him, not some pencil pusher in DC who is on a political mission to find a scalp in Obama's politically correct military.

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Anonymous said...

your story is apples and potatos, not even apples and oranges. Margaret Cho is a comedian. Honors was the second in command on a carrier.
However, far from chastising Prenser, I have said, since watching the videos that there is something else up. Is Honors maybe gay? Is he approving of gays {the 3 personality bit}but not able to say it openly because of DADT. Also, letting similar films be made would be way different from starring in them. Just saying, there is another layer to this story.