Friday, January 28, 2011

Biden's Inspiring Words To Unemployed: "Hang In There"

Via Yahoo News.
Yahoo! asked Vice President Joe Biden Thursday to give some good advice for the unemployed. He provided a list of recent improvements to the economy, while expressing sympathy for those struggling to get by without a regular income.

"So the message is 'hang in there?'" Yahoo!'s Anna Robertson asked.

"The message is hang in there," he repeated.

Republicans gained traction in last year's election by asking "where are the jobs?" and highlighting Americans' dissatisfaction with the economy. GOP Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin also made the jobs question as the focus of his State of the Union response this week.

But in Thursday's interview, Biden stressed that the recovery of the labor economy would be slow and gradual--even though the GOP has harnessed widespread impatience with that view for political gain.

"Things are coming back," Biden said, after noting that the unemployment rate is now dropping "minimally," businesses are investing, banks are lending, and companies are gaining confidence.

"But, again, it's not sufficient that the economy gets back to where it was before. The jobs in the 21st century--the good-paying jobs in the 21st century --are also going to lie in entire new industries, which we have to innovate our way into creating."
Gee that's inspiring words from Vice President "Bite Me." People have been hanging in there for two years, after the promise of a second failed stimulus, the liberal obsession with government run health-care and a boondoggle known as "green jobs" due to the blind faith in the fraud known as glo-BULL warming.

These people keep showing us they don't have a clue to what they're doing. Why should they? You don't understand how to create jobs when all you've been is a Senator or a community organizer.

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