Monday, December 06, 2010

VIDEO: "Hezbollah" Helen Thomas' Recent Anti-Semitic Rant, Insults US Military As "Insurgents" In Iraq, Afghanistan

Yid With Lid posted on their YouTube page a video below of the most recent anti-Semitic spouting of that old bag, "Hezbollah" Helen Thomas, which she made December 2 at an Arab American conference in Dearborn, Michigan.

Besides stating that Congress, Hollywood, Wall Street, etc are owned by the Jews Zionists, Thomas portrayed Arab Americans as the real victims. She also said we had no business being in Afghanistan, as well as Iraq. She went further, implying that the United States military is the real insurgents, NOT the Islamofascist terrorists.

What a psycho! And to think is bitter old hag was once touted by the liberal establishment as a "respected" journalist.

There's been consequences.

Wayne State University had a "Diversity" award named after Frau Thomas, which they decided to discontinue after her despicable remarks.

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Deekaman said...

The woman has lost any "filter" she may have had. She is certifiable.