Friday, December 10, 2010

UNBELIEVEABLE! - Obama Leaves Bill Clinton During Press Conference (VIDEO)

Talk about acting Un-Presidential.

"Slick Willie" Bill Clinton was at the White House today to "advise" the empty suit, Barack Hussein Obama and the two of them met with the press this afternoon.

Clinton took over the press conference and then Obama stated he'd left the First Lady waiting and left.

As much as I don't like Clinton, I have to admit he looked and acted more Presidential than "That One."

Can I make another stunner and say that Bill Clinton was also right when he said the following in January 2008.

Barack Hussein Obama is indeed the biggest fairy tale in American history, and we as Americans are paying the price for it.

Hell has officially frozen over. I've complimented Bill Clinton two different times in one blog post.
Unfricking believable!

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Delphinus said...

Great blog entry man. Not a big Blogger myself, but I do read the odd post.