Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Suing McDonald's Over Happy Meal Toys--The Era Of Personal Responsibility Is Over

Sedition isn't the only thing to come out of Northern California, there's another: left-wing fascists who want to control aspects of your life, because it is in yours (and the public's) best interest.

Jonn over at This Ain't Hell found this that caught my eye, especially since it was similar to a topic I discussed with Alana Burke on her radio show a couple of weekends ago. This time, it's not just the government telling you what food to eat, but a "special interest" firm (The Center for Science In The Public Interest) suing fast food franchises for (gasp) marketing to kids.
The lawsuit was filed in California Superior Court in San Francisco on Wednesday morning.

They claim McDonald’s decision to markets its meals directly to young children violates several consumer protection laws because it exploits a child’s vulnerability.
Joining the lawsuit is a mother, who proves that the biggest problem with children today is how parents have abdicated any responsibility at all with raising their children. Isn't it her responsibility, as a parent, to feed her child? If she doesn't want her child to eat a Happy Meal, tell them "no!" It's that simple. Tell your kids there's something else to eat besides fast food.

The problem today is nothing is any one's fault anymore. Kids see toys in a Happy Meal, and they'll supposedly head like zombies to their nearest McDonald's. Just like when I was a teenager in the 1980s, and all the TV preachers were telling us that listening to rock-n-roll music would somehow possess us to fornicate, drink blood, hold black masses, and worship Satan with animal sacrifices.

The same thing with cigarettes. Idiots still sue the tobacco companies, even though there's been a warning on the side of a pack of cigarettes saying it is "dangerous to your health." Now we have studies saying smoking just one could be the one that causes your heart attack. By that logic, I should have died back in 1986 when, as a high school kid, I took one of Dad's beers and Mom's smokes back in my room. But these same anti-smoking advocates are silent about that hit on the bong, hash pipe or marijuana roach.

The Center of Science in the Public Interest I've been familiar with ever since the mid 1990s. They hate anything that isn't seaweed sandwiches and bean sprouts. Popcorn is evil. Mexican food is bad for you (don't mess with a Texan and their Tex-Mex!). It's typical Left-wing fascism. We're going to tell you what to eat, what car to drive, what temperature to set your thermostat is because we know what's best and you're too stupid to figure it out. That's how freedom begins to erode.

Think I'm joking? Michelle Obama said earlier in the week that "we can't just leave it (what kids eat) up to the parents." Big Sister Michelle and the government want to decide. Just like they'll tell you what light bulbs to use (florescent bulbs with mercury, a pollutant), all in the name of preventing that fraud known as glo-BULL warming.

One hopes that a judge will do what any sane person would do and laugh this ridiculous case out of the court. But being San Francisco, he'll probably agree, and embolden the food Nazis on to their next boogieman.

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Deekaman said...

I saw this on Facebook yesterday. Probably the most interesting comment was that an acquaintance of the commenter stated that we will give up our Constitutional rights in the name of the children.

How often has it been true that we have been told to "do it for the children"? "War is bad for children and other living things". "We need to have healthcare for everyone because of the children". If we take away welfare we are only "hurting the children". The DREAM Act is all about "the innocent children". The government has to intervene in our lives "to protect the children".

At what point do we wake up?