Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stop START Treaty! Here's How...

Normally, in a sane world, you'd think something like the new START treaty that would adversely affect our national security would be carefully pondered and debated.

But not in the Lame Duck session of Congress, where the gangster "Dingy" Harry Reid is doing everything he can to impose socialism and weaken America in the last days of the Democrat's best chance in years to do that.

Unfortunately, more than a few Republicans have shown no backbone to stand up to this radical agenda.

We have to keep them in line.

Skye at Midnight Blue has the following information:
Call YOUR Senators no matter where they stand – if they’re already opposed, be sure to thank them – and then call as many of the following potential swing votes as you can. They can all be reached through the main Capitol switchboard number, 202-224-3121.

Senator Casey
Senator Brown
Senator Webb
Senator Hatch
Senator Corker
Senator Alexander
Senator Isakson
Senator Cochran
Senator Murkowski
Senator Bob Bennett
Senator Gregg

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Skye said...

Elections have consequences..this is just one example of how bad those consequences can be.

Vote wisely, Vote Conservative.