Saturday, December 18, 2010

Senate Liberals & Eight RINOs Political Interest Over Best Interest Of Military--Repeal DADT

Bill Clinton's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" rulle, barring open homosexuals from serving in the military, was struck down by liberal Democrats (with the help of a eight Senate RINOs), with no clue on how the Defense Department will proceed in making the transition.

The repeal comes, as results from surveys by military members were cherrypicked by these liberals to show there would be no real harm in the repeal. However, ignored in the survey was the effect the repeal could have on combat troops, and other stats showing one in four would quit.

Who knows how this will play out, and what effect it will eventually have--good or bad. What bothers me is how the people who risk their lives for the preservation of this nation have become pawns in a political game, especially while we are in the middle of fighting two wars. No one, not Robert Gates or anyone else, has come up with a plan into how gays can serve openly in the military. The questions about housing, showers, etc. None of that has been considered, because the Democrats are owned by the radical homosexual lobby--lock, stock and barrel, and they use that pull for votes come election time.

And all these liberals who talk about how this will help national security? How? Honestly, do you think Barbara the Check Bouncer Boxer gives two shits about the well being of our military? She's the same traitor who sided with Code Pinko while our Marines were fighting and dying outside Fallujah. The Obama Regime and Congress is giving the military the lowest pay raise in almost 50 years while they fight the Iraq & Afghanistan wars half-assed, and try to pretend that radical Islamists aren't at war with us.

The military should be allowed to do what they've volunteered to do--protect our nation, not become pawns in some liberal social experiment.

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