Thursday, December 09, 2010

Recruiting Station In Baltimore Targeted For Bombing, Suspect Arrested - Name That Religion...

From the Baltimore Sun.
A 21-year-old Baltimore County man...was arrested Wednesday after authorities say he tried to blow up a Catonsville military recruiting center using a car bomb supplied by undercover agents.
Name that religion. Was the suspect, Antonio Martinez, a:

A. Roman Catholic
B. Southern Baptist (or other evangelical)
C. Jewish
D. Jehovah's Witness
E. Muslim

Here's the answer:
Federal authorities said Antonio Martinez, a recent convert to Islam who called himself Muhammad Hussain, watched videos of Osama bin Laden and mused about "dying for the cause" by joining militant forces overseas.

Unable to afford to travel to Pakistan or Afghanistan, Martinez instead proposed hitting local military installations to send a message. Officials say those plans culminated when he parked an SUV equipped with a dummy bomb in a suburban parking lot not far from his home.

So if you guessed "E" congratulations! You can be sure you're not a member in good standing of the ostrich brigade. But don't worry about this arrest, folks. The good folks in our government say he's a "lone wolf." Maybe he just had "a bad hair day," as was said about a shooter at LAX in 2002.

There's still the case, yet unsolved, of who has been shooting at the Marine Corps Museum, the Pentagon, as well as another recruiting station in nearby Chantilly, VA.

Michelle Malkin reminded readers of other instances of jihadi activity in Baltimore in her post yesterday. Fairfax County Virginia has it's share. The Wahabbi Corridor (Rte. 7/Leesburg Pike) for instance.

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Quite Rightly said...

The guy trying to blow something up in Baltimore called himself Muhammad Hussain?

I'm waiting for the uproar about FBI entrapment.