Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Liberal Agenda Takes Priority Over Defeating Obama Tax Increases In Lame Duck Session

The Lame Duck session of the lamest Congress ever is taking place, and leave it to the liberal Democrat majority to try and do as much damage as they can before heading out the door.

The DREAM Act (aka - Illegal Alien Amnesty) is one bill that "Dingy" Harry Reid, the thief, is working on bringing to the Senate floor.

The Food Police will be empowered soon, thanks to several RINOs who jumped to the Democrat side to approve this next assault on our liberties.

The Pigford Settlement, a bill that is essentially slavery reparations in masquerade, was passed by the liberals in the House.

But when it comes to our pocketbooks, these libs could care less.

Shouldn't defeating the upcoming Obama Tax Increases (repeal of the Bush Tax Cuts....coming 1/1/11) be the number one priority?

I think the libs and Obama want to stall this out and bring it up right before the Holiday recess, in an effort to get Republicans to cave so they can go on vacation ("Dingy" Harry did this last Christmas eve with Obamacare), and point their fingers at the GOP if they refuse to compromise.

Look at the idiocy that makes up the Democrat Party. Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown said yesterday that unemployment checks, not tax cuts, help create jobs.

Hey dumbass, where do you think businesses get the money to create jobs? Profits. What happens if their taxes go up? Less money = cannot create new jobs and may have to lay some off. It's common sense, but liberals wouldn't know anything about that.

Add to the fact that, if the Obama Tax Increases go into effect, that's another whammy against small businesses and working people. Have you had your open enrollment for health insurance yet? More than likely you'll be paying much more in health insurance this coming year than in years past, thanks to Obamacare. Not just that, your employer will be paying more in taxes and more for your health care.

And forget about any economic "recovery" if that happens.

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