Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kill The Phony Tax Rate Extension & Start Over

That's my message to the GOP.

Or, let's just let the Democrats keep talking, filibustering, whining and bitching about extending income tax rates for everyone.

Before any of you libs accuse me of "flip-flopping" or "hypocrisy," let me say I do support an extension of income tax rates for all Americans. When I first heard of Obama's willingness to do that, with the compromise on extending unemployment, I was willing to take that. My thought was, perhaps we could come back in the 112th Congress and make any unpaid stimulus money pay for the unemployment extension. That's what it was supposed to be for, wasn't it?

Then Friday, the Devil was in the details. I found out from Prof. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection, that the whole tax deal was being larded up with pork, in order to get pissed off Democrats to vote for it. In other words, it is "Let's Make A Deal" Washington style. These phony liberal Democrats NEVER ONCE ask how the taxpayer can afford all their pork projects and socialist schemes like Obamacare. But give working Americans and those who create jobs more of their money back, and they become Scrooges...tightwads. "How can we afford giving tax breaks to the rich?"

Merry Christmas, America!
Not just that, but senior citizens, who liberals have use to scare into voting for them, are getting the shaft. No COLA (cost of living increase) and that $250 in crumbs talked about earlier? Forget about it!

And the most disgraceful. Those who sacrifice their lives and time away from their families are getting the royal shaft...the lowest pay raise since nineteen...fricking...sixty two!

All this should have been taken care of before the election. But nooooooooo!!!!! "Do Nothing" Nancy had to adjourn so they could all go out and save their phoney baloney jobs! Just like the Obamacare farce, this was saved to the last minute so as to make bargaining points and more sets of bribes and they head out the door.

Extending the Bush tax rates is non-negotiable. It should be done. But it should not come at the price of more spending and more debt, in order to "sweeten the pot." If unemployment benenfits should be extended, let's use the stimulus funds or find an area in the budget to cut.

Finally, the biggest threat to this economy, besides the coming Obama tax increases, is Obamacare. Insurance premiums are going up up up!

So, let's start over in January on keeping the Bush Tax Rates. What Obama and the Democrats are doing now is what American's rejected at the polls...the backroom bribes and dealmaking. We shouldn't have to pay for anymore of it.

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