Monday, November 29, 2010

Wikileaks Leaks US Diplomatic Cables While Obama Regime Is Asleep At The Wheel

The treasonous scum behind Wikileaks known as Julian Assange has struck again, leaking more secret information--this time, consisting of diplomatic cables that could threaten US relations and national security.

And what does the Obama Regime (with the exception of Hillary Clinton) do?

Obama comes out early this afternoon to make a statement about a freeze on federal pay. Eric Holder, Obama's racist Attorney General, not only confirms information about a criminal probe of Wall Street, but is also headed to Zurich, Switzerland to bring the World Cup to the United States in 2022.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?????

These leaks should have never happened. Couldn't our government used some kind of hacker or software crasher to bring the site down? Maybe that's asking too much of our government to actually do something, but instead, all they sent was a "pretty please don't print these documents" letter to the pervert with a computer Assange.

No wonder North Korea is emboldened to launch missiles at South Korea. Jihadists can plan attacks on our cities because this administration is too afraid to utter the words Islamic Terror. Instead of winning over our enemies, the Obama Regime is showing weakness and lack of backbone, and our enemies around the world are laughing their collective asses off at this empty suit.

Isn't our national security a greater priority than making a statement about freezing federal pay, and the World Cup?

Remember Joe Biden's words before the 2008 election...

...a reminder to all of the leadership test that this empty suit Obama has flunked for the past 21 months.

Sarah Palin asks questions about the "incompetence" of the Obama Regime.

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton says these leaks will cause "incalculable damage" to our diplomatic efforts.

The New York Slimes, living up to their motto "All The Treason That's Fit To Print," had no qualms about printing these leaked documents from Wikileaks but passed on the hacked Climategate e-mails.

And I thought the liberals were all concerned about not alienating our allies and the rest of the world. That's what they said during the Bush Years, but they didn't care enough about that to stop Assange.

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Deekaman said...

"And I thought the liberals were all concerned about not alienating our allies and the rest of the world". No, they are more interested in showing how "bad" the United States is.

What the Liberals don't understand is that regardless of how "good" and "free" the United States is, there must be a Dark Side to keep us free and safe. They believe if we were just "more gooder" everyone would like us and never threaten us and the world would live in peace and harmony. There are no shortage of examples of countries throughout history attacked without provocation. NoKo and Iran are ld by megalomaniacs who would be more than happy to attack someone to make a point.

Lefties don't get that and that it is necessary to have those "rough men" do things we would rather not know about.