Monday, November 01, 2010

Wherever You Are (ESPECIALLY In Northern Virginia) Your Vote Is Needed!

Because the polls (which are looking good) cannot be taken for granted.

Because it could make the difference between a close race (where ever you are) or a blowout.

It's our day to put an end to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid's "Contract On America." It's time we held up our collective hands to Barack Hussein Obama and said "Stop Right Here! You've gone far enough!"

Especially in Northern Virginia - getting out the vote could make a difference between new leadership or the same old rubberstamping of the Obama agenda.

The anti-military, anti-Semite bully named Jim Moron Moran needs to be defeated. According to a Move America Forward PAC e-mail received tonight, it is that close. Patrick Murray's campaign numbers suggest Moran has high negatives. He told me last Thursday it's going to be close. He's a good man and will be a good Representative for the Eighth District. Patrick Murray will stand up for less government and especially for our military, while Jim Moran will try to bring al-Queda terrorists to Northern Virginia.

If you're in the Eleventh District of Virginia, it's time to retire "Jihad" Gerry Connolly and elect Keith Fimian. An e-mail from the Fimian campaign says it's a toss up. Connolly has received money from Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC which he has used to run a smear campaign against Fimian, scaring women about abortion and accusing Fimian of an arrest back in the 1970s. Connolly won't tell you how he got off scot free after he was involved in a hit and run accident. Neither will "Jihad Gerry" tell you about the "thousands of dollars (he received) in donations from several Virginia Islamists under federal investigation for financing terrorism."

If you're in my district (Number 10), we need to keep Frank Wolf around. Don't be fooled by Jeff Barnett's phony baloney mailers and how he's trying to act conservative. He'd just be another Obama rubber stamp.

If you're in California: go out and get rid of Barbara Boxer! In Nevada? Go out and get rid of "Dingy" Harry Reid!

For motivation, I'm reattaching (as done the day Scott Brown defeated Martha Coakley) the pre-game speech by Herb Brooks (Kurt Russell) from the movie "Miracle on Ice."

If you need still more motivation, how about words of inspiration from El Rushbo:
Ladies and gentlemen, annoy the "corrupt bastards" on the left and in the media tomorrow. Our offensive starts at dawn.
Now, let's go!

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