Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Westboro Inbred Goons Chased Away From Soldier's Funeral By A Mass Of Patriots

This is great and a must see! From KMBC.TV, click on this link to see the video (many thanks to Mrs. MIM for sending).
There was a brief scuffle Tuesday morning between members of the Westboro Baptist Church and hundreds of people who turned out to support the family 20-year-old Jacob Carver.

Carver was recently killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. His funeral is today.

Many people said they were attending Carver's funeral to block protesters from the Topeka, Kan., church.

There appeared to have been some shoving between some of the protesters and church members. Police were able to break it up. At one point, the van belonging to Westboro members was surrounded. But they were able to leave the area without any further confrontation.
Out of curiousity, who is funding these inbreds? I find it hard to believe that this small family who call themselves a Baptist Church can go around the nation protesting on a whim.

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Anonymous said...

Liekly uber-conservative anti-gay groups. Fred Phelps. You might've heard of him from a number of his other pickets of dead soldiers' funerals due to their sexuality.