Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rush Limbaugh: TSA Gate Rapes Show Islamofascists That America "In The Process Of Surrendering"

From Rush Limbaugh's radio show yesterday, "Who Benefits from All This Authoritarianism in America?"

More that was not included on the above video....
I look at what's happened to this country in two years, and a lot of it is stuff that I would have said to people, "Nah, it will never happen," this much loss of liberty, the crashing of the housing market, the indebtedness, loss of private property rights. We're witnessing the destruction of our country. We're witnessing the rejection, the assault on individual liberty, right in front of our eyes. Go to the airport, you see it. And even that's all a trick. That's designed to get us to agree to go to these scanners.

Meanwhile, the people perpetrating these crimes are ignored. We don't want to hurt their feelings. The rest of us are humiliated. Those of us who love our country and
haven't done a damn thing to it, are humiliated. Our children, three years old, strip searched. Now, we want strong security, no question, very strong security, but this is not security at the airports. This is harassment, pure, simple harassment. This is the regime telling us our future. This is the regime telling us what it's going to be like, and it's interesting that it's happened only in the last several months, isn't it? Last several weeks, actually. The same regime that refuses to try a terrorist who murdered hundreds of people in a military tribunal goes to a civilian court and who averted a catastrophe by a single guilty verdict and was found not guilty on 247 charges? A government that refuses to try a suspect like that in a military tribunal cannot be said to be serious about security. Everything's for show. The regime says, "Don't worry about it, we're never gonna let the guy go." Well, then why have the trial? If the guy had been exonerated, found not guilty of all charges, and we're not gonna let him go, what does that say about the vaunted American judicial system to Middle Eastern Arab males? What does it say? Why do we care what they think about our judicial system anyway? When did this become a measure of American might, power, all this restraint.

Middle Eastern Arab males kill 3,000 Americans on one day, have killed numerous thousands of soldiers and Americans over decades, and innocent American citizens are humiliated at airport checkpoints. We treat mass murdering pieces of human debris with kid gloves. Law-abiding passengers are treated as legitimate, genuine murder suspects. You cannot tell me this regime is serious about security. That's not what is going on at the airport. What's going on at the airport is the humiliation of the
American people, and it is sending a signal of a weakened America, no credibility in the Muslim world. We're sending a message that we are a vulnerable country in the process of surrendering. That is how they're going to see it. Whether we are in the process of surrendering or not, that's how they will see this. Look at it through their eyes. They hijack three or four airplanes, they murder 3,000 Americans. Ten years later, nine years later, the American people are strip searched, groped, accused, harassed at our own airports, and they sit in their caves or wherever they are, these Middle Eastern Arab males, and they gotta be yukking it up and laughing and planning further attacks, further efforts that will handcuff American society even further.

Now, don't misunderstand me; there ought to be screenings and scanners and even pat-downs. But not like this. Not when we know who the enemy is. We know their approximate ages. We know who they are. We know what they look like. We know what national origins most of them come from. We know these things. That's why we have intelligence agencies. Those agencies profile those countries all the time. For some reason when it comes to air travel we are to suspend all logic and reality and pretend that everybody is the same regardless of these factors. And then we claim to be serious about security. So again, young male Muslim Arabs use box cutters on 9/11 so now everybody has to be checked for sharp objects. Young male Muslim Arabs have tried to get liquid explosives on airplanes, so now everybody has to be checked for liquids. You have to empty your shampoo, for crying out loud. You can only take three ounces of other liquids. Young male Muslim Arab puts explosives in his underwear. Now everybody has to be groped.

We're missing the obvious things to check for. And I'll tell you this. Obama and his family will never experience any of these hardships that he is imposing on the rest of us. Neither will Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. They don't fly commercial. They're already very wealthy. Their children will be cared for. There is a complete disconnect. Haves and have-nots is no longer the rich and poor. Have and have-nots, those who are working for the government and run the government, and those who don't.
Something that has been on my mind in reading all these stories. Remember how, during the Bush Years, the Democrats, the libs and all the phony civil libertarians complained about the "warrantless wiretapping" the "military tribunals," "indefinate detentions" etc? They claimed it was proof of Bush = Hitler and how he was turning America into a police state. The quote from Benjamin Franklin "Those who would give up liberty for the sake of security deserve neither" was thrown in our faces. All these terror fighting tools were being directed not at all Americans, but those suspected of terrorism or terrorist ties.

And yet today, under the Regime of a radical Leftist President and rubber stamp Congress, American citizens are treated as terrorists for the sole crime of buying an airplane ticket and these phony liberals are silent.

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Murph the Serf said...

TSA is assuming that Timothy McVey was USED to get a bomb (a huge one) near a government
THEREFORE anybody could be USED to get an explosive on an aircraft.
Young Arab men 17-40 took over aircraft
so ALL have to be checked for box cutters,etc
Young Arab men tried to blow up aircraft with liquid explosives
so ALL have to be checked for liquid explosives
A young Muslim had a bomb in his panties so ALL must now be groped or get scanned.
THEREFORE TSA assumes anybody could be a suspect because McVey was USED.
Logical Conclusion