Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Overrated, Draft-Dodging Rock-n-Roller Bruce Springsteen Bashes Obama Opponents In British Press

Bruce Springsteen, one of the most overrated pop musicians, as well as a paid whore for George Soros/ in their 2004 Vote for Change tour for John "Lurch" Kerry, is attacking Americans who dare to oppose the socialist regime of Barack Hussein Obama in the British Press. (The Telegraph, via Gateway Pundit).

The 61 year-old rock legend, a high-profile supporter of the US President, railed against critics for their use of the “most extreme language” to describe “the most modest reforms” being introduced by Mr Obama.

..."There's a widespread political consciousness that's perhaps deeper in Europe than it is in the States,” he told the Sunday Times magazine.

“The climate [in America] is very, very ugly for getting things done. The moderate reforms President Obama fought to make are called Marxist, socialist.

“I mean, the most extreme language is put into play to describe the most modest reforms that would move the economy back towards serving a majority of its citizens.”

The most extreme language? Hmmmmmmm...let's flash back to 2007.

"I think we've seen things happen over the past six years that I don't think anybody ever thought they'd ever see in the United States....When people think of the Unites States' identity, they don't think of torture. They don't think of illegal wiretapping. They don't think of voter suppression....They don't think of no habeas corpus," (referring to Guantanamo Bay)

"Those are things that are anti-American. There's been a whole series of things that... I never thought I'd ever see in America,"
Bruce Springsteen is upset Americans aren't lining up and "drinking deep" from the vat of Obama's Kool-Aid.

Hey rich pop star asshole. Like I said back in 2007, all that stuff you railed about back then was directed at those who attacked this nation, and who were plotting more attacks. Citizens and non-citizens who were captured on a battlefield and held because there was a war going on. But I guess you never learned about previous wars, because you skipped US History class to play your banjo and smoke your dope.

You know what I and many others never dreamed we'd see in America, Mr. Stringbean? We never thought we'd see private companies and banks being taken over by the government. We never thought we'd have our health-care system and the choice of doctors taken over by the government.

More recently, we never thought we would see law-abiding American citizens--including the elderly and young children--being sexually harassed just because they are boarding an airplane, while the government is willing to cave to Muslim grievance organizations and let those wearing burkas pat down themselves. You all the other phony liberals were all upset during the Bush years about the poor terrorists being mistreated, but you don't have crap to say when Americans are being treated to police state conditions at a TSA line, you jerkoff!
Let me remind you of what you said in 1985, how "blind faith in your leaders or any anything, will get you killed." Well, speak for yourself, as you blindly follow The Obama Regime on the road to the United Socialist States of America.

So piss on you, Bruce Almighty! Because you earned your wealth off the working class, here's to hoping that your new album flops, since most working Americans have either not much disposable income or are unemployed.
And I never considered you "The Boss" either! I'm glad I never wasted a penny on your CDs of constipated yodeling.

Springsteen is also an admitted draft dodger: He told Rolling Stone in 1984:

I did the basic Sixties rag, you know: fillin’ out the forms all crazy, not takin’ the tests.”

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Anonymous said...

This so called " Born in America" draft dodging so called celebrity.
Every current and past Military person should spit on his CD's.

I would proudly create a big concert sign that says, Hey Bruce ROTC, meaning " Run Over to Canada" just as you did while thousands died in southeast Asia.

You were born in the USA, but you had no intention to defend her ! Even a greater entertainer ELVIS did his part to serve in a uniform during the Korean war.

That's why I loathe New Jersey so much, nothing but garbage comes out of that State...Most Cocky and arrogant individuals who have no more right to shoot their mouths off than their twin New Yokers'