Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Final Thoughts About Election 2010 And The Road To 2012

Last night's tidal wave in the House and pick ups in the Senate was not an embrace by voters of the Republican Party. Instead, it was a repudiation of the Obama Socialist Agenda, which was shoved down the throats of America against our will for the last 20 months.

Unlike the Democrat wins of 2006 and 2008, last night was a mandate for conservatism and smaller government.

If some in the GOP (hint, hint - Darrell Issa) think last night's results were a call to "compromise" and "help the President succeed," the Republicans in Congress will be on the fast track back to minority party status.

The biggest threat to the Republican prospects for the White House and Congress in 2012 is not the Tea Party, but the establishment, good ole boy network of RINO Republicans.

The Republican Party leadership (Michael Steele, et al) needs a major house cleaning. The party needs leaders who understand and will use new media (blogs) and social networking to their advantage. Any new GOP leaders need to have the ability to outpace the DNC in fundraising. They can attact more donors by embracing and standing on conservative principles, as well as not espousing Democrat-lite policies and supporting RINOs in the primaries.

How many 2010 races were close because the RNC did not have money to run ads countering the Democrat's dirty attack ads?

Karl Rove is highly overrated as a political strategist and should be ignored by party insiders. After all, his strategery of smaller big government cost the GOP the majority in Congress.

The only reason West Virginia's governor won the Senate seat is because he ran against the Obama agenda, not embracing it (still think we need to compromise, Darrell Issa?).

The unholy alliance between labor unions and the Democrat National Committee influenced some elections and needs to be broken.

Early voting needs to be done away with. It's called Election Day, not Election Month.

I'm afraid California is a lost cause for the Republican Party for three reasons: labor unions, the absolute ineptitude of the California Republican Party and the ability of California government schools to crank out new generations of Democrat voters. If the person has a "D" by their name, mark the box. Case in point - a dead Democrat won an election last night. California voters would still vote for Barbara Boxer even if a sex tape of her and Osama bin Laden was made public. New York and Maryland are just as bad.

As mentioned earlier, Barack Hussein Obama will not moderate, unlike Bill Clinton did after the 1994 midterms.

The lapdog media will not expose Democrat corruption, but will magnify every conservative misstep (or ones they can make up). They are not our friends and never to be trusted. They will do everything in 2012 to keep Obama in office.

The Tea Party cannot rest on their laurels, after last night. Now is the time to grow, scout strong candidates and run them in 2012.

It's also time to hold the Republican majority accountable for the next two years.

And November 2, 2010 was not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning.

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