Wednesday, November 03, 2010

As Predicted, Obama Won't Moderate After Last Night's Bloodbath

I wrote the following on February 7th of this year, after Scott Brown's win of Massachusetts' Senate seat, and the governorships of Virginia and liberal New Jersey went to Republicans.
They haven't yeard you or I. I repeat. This form of insanity by the Democrats and this Administration will make 1994 seem tame in comparison to the bloodbath which will occur at the ballot box in November.

And Obama? He is fulfilling my predictions that he will be a one-term President (and a bad one at that), because he's showing that he cannot moderate from his far-Left ideology...unlike Slick Willie did after 1994.
Obama held a conference call with today and shows no sign of letting up (video found at TheBlaze).

Obama is proving true to form, a far-Left ideologue for whom the word "moderate" has never been in his vocabulary. Barring a major screw up by Republicans in 2012, he is a one-termer who will make Jimmy Carter look like a great President (and I never thought that was possible).

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