Saturday, October 09, 2010

SICK! Democrat Consultant Linked To Vuglar Twitter Attacks On Tea Party

I found this video at Nice Deb (WARNING: Explicit Content in video and screenshots below), about a Democrat consultant who is engaging in attacks on Tea Party members and trying to entice Tea Party members into posting racist or extreme replies.

The Other McCain has more:
Much of the information in the video was collected at the “Swift Read” site of conservative Catholic blogger Patrick Read, who says that he and others have stored page caches of the material.

The video says the purpose is to “illustrate that Neal Rauhauser was soliciting some of the worst provocateurs he could find in an effort to deliberately elicit angered responses from the Tea Party.” It features screen captures of Tweets by several activists alleged to have been part of Rauhauser’s network. Conservative blogger Greg W. Howard was especially targeted for Twitter harassment. (Warning: Extremely graphic language.)

One of the most relentlessly obscene of the Twitter activists involved in this harassment campaign was “GuerrillaWLogic.” Neal Rauhauser (“Stranded Wind”) communicated with “GuerrillaWLogic,” saying he was “hiring a replacement” for one of his assistants.
Here's some of the screenshots of the tweets (from the above video -- explicit language).

And the sickest one, an attack on a family and their deceased child.

Rauhauser's firm, Progressive PST, has been hired by several Democrat candidates, several of whom are listed at the end of the video.

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