Saturday, October 30, 2010

See BS Lies Again, Comparing Beck vs. Comedy Central Rallies

See BS - Pioneers in "fake but accurate" news reporting (h/t
An estimated 215,000 people attended a rally organized by Comedy Central talk show hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Saturday in Washington, according to a crowd estimate commissioned by CBS News.

The company based the attendance at the "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear" on aerial pictures it took over the rally, which took place on the Mall in Washington. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 10 percent.

CBS News also commissioned to do a crowd estimate of Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally in August. That rally was estimated to have attracted 87,000 people. Amid criticism from conservatives that the estimate was low, CBS News detailed the methodology behind it here (we're liberals who hate conservatives).
Let me help See BS out in comparing the two rallies.

Beck's was clearly bigger and took more space.

The only rally that Stewart/Colbert can accurately claim to be bigger than is the Communist "One Trashy Nation" earlier this month.


Deekaman said...

Shocked....just shocked.

Just under two days.

Anonymous said...

These photos do not accurately represent either rally as the crowd obviously spans further than the edges of the photo. I trust, not this graphic.

Anonymous said...

Didn't know what so many Beckites could walk on water. The Reflecting pool does not count as space used for Beck's clan meeting.

Dhalgren said...

Beck's was clearly bigger and took more space.

I see. And how did you arrive at this conclusion? The Comedy Central rally was held off to the side of the pool, at a 90 angle from Beck's location. You do know those are different locations, right?

Look, we shouldn't get into a pissing match here. I think the point Jon Stewart was trying to make is that if you're a celebrity, and you promote a rally on the Mall, thousands will come. And more people will come if you throw in Ozzy.

So if it makes you feel any better, let's just say:

Beck's rally attracted 100,000 people.

Stewart's attracted 100,001.

See? Just one person more. Insignificant difference.

Or for another angle on this:

While these are really just entertainment rallies - one designed to feed Beck's ego and another to pop his bubble - it will be interesting to see Beck claim on Monday that Stewart's rally somehow 'doesn't count' because it wasn't serious about the future of the country, etc. etc. Or he will rant and whine endlessly how he would have drawn more people if he had Ozzy on stage.

Beck said on his radio program that Stewart's rally would be a failure if it didn't attract "1 Million" attendees. That was Beck's way of hedging for the inevitable fact that Stewart's rally would bring in more people than his '8/28' rally.

So let's be extra extra generous to Glenda the Crazy Witch. His rally attracted 100,000 people. Stewart's rally attracted 200,000. That's double, Glenn. He can cry, whine, spin, or take a giant crap...but it's still double.

Pop the popcorn. Glenn is going to be loads of fun to watch this week. Media Matters TV will save the best clips.

Eddy young said...

I love how everyone defending becks rally being bigger always use this picture in which the circles at the bottom are wrong and the picture of Stewarts rally isn't a full view of the crowd. The crowd when to the Washington monument and spilled into the streets to contstitution ave. Then all you have to do is get a map showing the mall and compare the photos along with that. Stop the BS, yes please do!

Anonymous said...

Sure, Beck's rally was clearly bigger... And black is white. Refusing to acknowledge reality is a symptom of insanity. The author should have attended the rally, as they need sanity restored more than most of us.

Deekaman said...

don't really care which rally was bigger. If you wanted to restore sanity, it should have been done two years ago. We are doing it If this is done right, Socialism and leftist America-hating bastards will disappear from the American stage for a generation. I, for one can't wait.

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