Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Remember: USS Cole Attack--10 Years Ago Today

Remember the victims of the alQueda terrorist attack on the USS Cole, which was attacked in a Yemen harbor ten years ago today.

Michelle Malkin reminds us how the Cole attack was a forgotten day of infamy, especially how the statement of then-President Clinton that those responsible would be "held accountable," has been unfulfilled for the past ten years.

Don't forget that, in February 2009, President Obama hadn't been in office for a month and dropped all charges against the detained al-Queda who were behind the attack.

Flashback: Mother Of USS Cole Victim Refuses To Meet With Obama, "I Think I Made The Wrong Decision" (Voting For Obama)

Two months ago, the Obama Regime halted the trail against the mastermind of the Cole attack.

Flashback: More Siding With Islamofascists: Obama Regime Halts Trial Against USS Cole Bomber, "It's Politics..." Says One Official

Why, Eric "Terrorist Friendly" Holder and Barack Hussein Obama? Are you too busy using the InJustice Department as a political tool against regime opponents?

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