Thursday, October 28, 2010

Patrick Murray Brings Bus Tour To Reston, VA For His Congressional Campaign

Patrick Murray, the Republican candidate for the Virginia Eighth District Congressional Seat held by anti-military Democrat Jim Moron Moran, made several stops this morning in Reston, VA on his bus tour across the district.

Since I was in the area of one of his stops, I took the following photos and met up with Murray before an Eat & Greet appearance at Primo Italiano restaurant in the Plaza America Shopping Center (and I highly recommend their food!).

Murray told me that the race is close and he's looking for every vote he can get. His name and the Eighth District race has been in the headlines recently after Moran slandered Murray and every other veteran of the US Military, saying their service was not public service.

The fact that Murray is walking the pavement and pounding the flesh of residents tells me a lot about him, and his determination to win. I was impressed too that he'd remembered meeting Mrs. MIM earlier this summer.

If you are in the Eighth District and know someone who is also a registered voter, by all means, let's retire Jim Moran and replace him with Patrick Murray, who I can tell will make a good Congressman and be a leader for Northern Virginia.

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